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(#<zhmhn6q>) @lyxal Do it moar! Its actually a really nice photo! I love it! 😎
@prologic (#<zhmhn6q>) aw shucks. I'm not usually one to take pictures so I appreciate the encouragement!
@lyxal (#<zhmhn6q>) that is gorgeous 😎
(#<vpsntmq>) @lyxal Yeah I did for 3.5yrs 😁
@lukem (#<6wbncva>) yeah you’re probably right
ABC: Teenage girl believed shot with arrow at Ipswich supermarket taken to 

We found the Florida man everyone!
@lyxal (#<zhmhn6q>) not very good quality, I know, but what do you expect from phone cameras?

Taken yesterday at Lake Macquarie
@prologic @vgn @dooven (#<vpsntmq>) hol' up you worked at Facebook? Epic!
Is it possible to have a non-dual concept?
When you take stretch breaks every hour it’s a good idea to get up and step away from the keyboard. It is less obvious what you should do when the stretch-break notification comes and you’ve been using a standing desk the entire time.
@slashdot (#<64nkwnq>) oh well if this US new law passes America will just now be added to my bad list of countries never to ever visit 🤷‍♂️
@vgn @dooven (#<vpsntmq>) ahh very nice! Looks like my MacBook when I worked at FB! 😁
(#<2tjspma>) @vgn yeah it’s difficult to get good bandwidth here as a consumer
@lukem (#<6wbncva>) it’s still an odd thing to do though right? 😁
@lukem (#<waj4ata>) I know 😁 Been there myself 😂
(#<6wbncva>) @slashdot Oh now that's very interesting to see and read about. I had absolutely no idea that Twitter™ went so far as to also modify what photos you see?! 😱 ...
(#<e4y5gaa>) @docker_blog no the doctor hub is extremely excruciatingly slow it is not suitable to be used as CI/CD
(#<waj4ata>) @lukem really that’s all it takes?! Your package management central service goes down and you stop working?! 🤣😂
(#<tpjunsa>) @hellson @off_grid_living sounds interesting , is this a new TV show?
Autumn is coming and tomorrow it is the autumnal equinox.
On the blog: Developer Journal, International Day of Peace #programming #project #devjournal #uxuyu
@ionores (#<7kb3eya>) oh no that’s terrible ! 😢
(#<2yg7cyq>) @ionores rats 🤣 was hoping for some real pics of the day! 😎
(#<66ek7aq>) @kt84 @becrobinson86 Ahahahaha not sure if joke or sarcasm 🤣😂
Things seem to change from time to time. You may even find yourself letting go of things you may have once felt necessary. But has anything really changed?
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 45th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
@kt84 @off_grid_living (#<kvktn3q>) that would be a breach of contract and would risk frying certain types of sensitive elec...
(#<s2wb2ga>) @dooven they’re wonderful aren’t they 😁
(#<vpsntmq>) @vgn Re photo upload I’ll check the pods logs , was it an image perhaps the backend doesn’t support? It accepts jpeg and png today
(#<tu4yekq>) @felixp7 is it really though different?
Uge 39 begynder #DK
@dooven (#<vpsntmq>) 32GB it is nice. I bet it running Linux is a fast machine.
Wochenspruch 39 / 2020
@felixp7 (#<tu4yekq>) and how about `=>` functions?
(#<2yg7cyq>) @ionores are you watching in person?
I recorded a programming video. Let's add Struct to our Ruby implementation!
New demo, a structured editor for postfix arithmetic:
Can anything truly be called our own?
(#<hyqzfza>) @vgn So... We actually have an [issue]( to create a Desktop App, but we haven't stated this work yet... You would typica...
(#<vpsntmq>) @dooven Very nice! So I see you like #<redhotchillipeppers> eh? 🤣 And #<Futurama
(#<zo5s2pa>) @antonio Yeah I tend to agree 😁
(#<eztqdgq>) @vgn A gold star? ⭐️ 🤣
@prologic (#<zo5s2pa>) Something I think notifications would be good. But I think that the distract is not great. I kind of created a habit that I come once or few times a...
Just saw today, the [Spamty]( service offers news about their product/services via [Twtxt]( as seen [here]( Rock on! 🎉 #<twtxt>
Twtxt was mentioned [here]( (_another Japanese blogger!_) Rock on! 🙇‍♂️ #<twtxt>
@stats (#<eztqdgq>) @vgn congrats on being the 130th user on this pod 🎉
(#<2tjspma>) For example MikroTik sell one of these (_one of my favourite wireless and wired hardware supplier_) [here](
(#<2tjspma>) What these (_ignorant_) fools in the Mobile Industry (_the ones at the top_) never seemed to understand is that this technology has been around for decades and it was **specifically** designed for a _ve...
@slashdot (#<2tjspma>) @off_grid_living You _should_ have a read of this article here (_click on the Conversation view ...
Today is Pungenday, the 44th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
What a glorious day! 🤣📷 ![](
@prologic @dooven (#<zo5s2pa>) oh and let’s not forget absolutely no user tracking or advertising whatsoever!
@dooven (#<zo5s2pa>) i agree! 💯 Twtxt is and should be all about an open decentralized unfiltered uncensored social media for all! And if we throw “distraction free” into th...
@dooven (#<zo5s2pa>) that is precisely the model of this platform isn’t it? We pull rather than push or stream between Pods, so i think it makes sense
@slashdot (#<dfkjhrq>) so I tried to read this article but I don’t get it what’s the plan exactly? Personally I’d be very happy if Java just swiftly died!
Does anybody else think that push notifications demand too much attention from us? And does anybody think that we should have such a feature on this platform?
@off_grid_living (#<vohde3q>) Oh for a minute I thought you had some nice 56 V tools and that you were allowed to make this kind of sound! 🤣🎬 ![](
(#<vuob54a>) @vgn They are in fact hashes of the original Twt that forms a "Conversation". is based around a very simple concept called [twtxt](https://twtxt.readthe...
Barbecue with my wife at home
On the blog: Free Culture Book Club — Bookdash Books, Part 2 #freeculture #bookclub
@vgn (#<vuob54a>) hello! Welcome! 🤗
As a human being; a brilliantly vibrant living being; you are beautiful, whole, and complete. Never let anyone convince you otherwise.
@prologic (#<3ts5gpq>) I don't know! Must be all the people looking at Woolworths kotara
@lyxal (#<3ts5gpq>) So what's so special about this particular bottle? 🤣
@eveningwear (#<x2ld3bq>) My favourite, Gorilla.bas and Nibbles.bas 😀
@prologic (#<3ts5gpq>) ![](

Alright fine there's more than one bottle
Today is Boomtime, the 43rd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
@hellson (#<7bvw3oa>) I know a buy that's an electrician! I can get you in touch 😀
@lyxal (#<3ts5gpq>) Post it here? I want to see this famous bottle of milk 🤣
Why is a picture of a bottle of milk at Woolworths my most viewed photo on Google Maps? Did 11,172 people say "wow, that's great milk from _January_"?
And by “iOS”, I meant “iPadOS”. Scribble (the handwriting recognition) is good enough to be interesting, but none of the other features called to me.
In case you had any doubts, iOS 14 was shipped according to the hardware release schedule, not according to when the P1 bug count got to a tolerably-low level.
@hjertnes There was. New watches and non-pro iPads.
Is compassion a concept? If I have a concept – a generic idea – can that in any way touch this fullness of life?
@hjertnes (#<ymsgkna>) Umm what? 😀 Care to elaborate? 🙏 Also `tmux` is nice! Wish I used it more often, I did a while back, but these days with less need to do work over a remote ...
@slashdot (#<hlxhzdq>) _Note to self:_ write a longer Twt Blog piece in response to this.
@dooven (#<x5inx5a>) it’s gettin hot over here 😎😢🥵😨😰🔥♨️☀️
Today is Sweetmorn, the 42nd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
@lukem (#<kicafhq>) Very nice 😎
@lukem (#<kicafhq>) What are you drinking? Anything good 😀
@lukem (#<kicafhq>) Hmmm very nice! I'll be doing that in about ~6-7hrs 🤣
Morning Twtizens 😴 1x☕️
(#<auk4q7a>) @felixp7 Duktaps is pretty cool actually 😎
On the blog: Real Life in Star Trek, The Doomsday Machine #scifi #startrek #closereading