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My robotic vacuum has comitted suicide by throwing itself down the stairs from the upper floor. R.I.P.
@<sdk gopher://> finger'd your butt, was not disapointed.
Re-watching “Years and Years” on HBO. It's such a brilliant commentary on contemporary lifestyle and the near future. ⌘
“You’d think in 2019 Tesla would have been able to render that thing with more polygons.” ⌘
Gogs or Gitea?
It's n̶o̶t̶ violent — SOS Violence Conjugale ⌘
@sdk (re: finger) Haha, yes, I guess so :P
If the guru speaks in a way that is contrary to the seeker’s belief (or answer), then he is crazy. But if the guru matches the answer already held, the seeker becomes the follower.
Just saw the Cybertruck unveiling. Elon Musk is the best spectator sport available today.
I moved all windows off my second monitor and…it just looks so peaceful. Nothing on it but a zoomed-in picture of a sand dune with a very dim menu bar on top.
@lucidiot :D Re: Satellite dishes.
Does anyone know if there are satellite-branded plates? I would buy them just to have 'satellite dishes'.
&#8220;Warum?!“ – Glaube hat Fragen
You will inherit some money or a small piece of land.
Do you chase what you are after in order to keep it forever as a new system of belief?
Today is Setting Orange, the 33rd day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
@freemor: Have you ever looked at pfsense? Once I started, I never touched a DD-WRT again.
@von: I stole the idea from a random webpage that listed a finger address for contact information. I would assume it's pretty effective against spam ;)
@von DD-WRT the router. Definitely worth the effort. I do it to every rouer I can.
Q: What is the sound of one cat napping?
A: Mu.
I just reinstalled pi-hole on my server. I'm having a hard time because my router is kinda closed
@sdk (re: finger) wow, real nice, I completely forgot that existed ! Thanks for the reminder :)
@lucidiot xD Hahaha, j'ai dû supprimer un caractère sans faire exprès ! Merci ! C'est mis à jour :)
We can use words to simply indicate the person, or to make things a bit more clear. But there is never a reason to believe in these words.
cofe. cofe is the solution to everything.
🌗 Last Quarter
🌗 Last quarter moon
I've set up a fingerd on my domain. I've not had that much fun for quite a while... feel free to finger sex@ dick@ butt@ touch@ root@. The real one is finger@.
@von Tu précommandes le groupe d'utilisateurs Rust brésilien ? (mauvais lien!)
The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail learns something that
will always be useful and which never will grow dim or doubtful.
-- Mark Twain
Petit craquage précommande : C'est pas forcément la bonne période pour des dépenses supplémentaires je sais
@johanbove (re: programs) good move, that one!
Growth within the self is limited to the desires, prejudices, and beliefs therein. Is there time involved – becoming, getting better, and all of that – outside of the self?
I'm going to call all "apps" programs again as part of my retro-computing experience.
WT:Social referral link (_not_ monetary, but may let us in earlier) ⌘
Your best consolation is the hope that the things you failed to get weren't
really worth having.
Another week, another instruction compiling, more refinements of the code-generator:
I am impressed by txtnish's speed
@kas @freemor Great song! :D
All of these happenings within the fragmented mind are fantasies.
@freemor, @lucidiot (re: Sith) According to “they're greasy little freaks who hide pickles in the sky.” ;)
hmm... wh1t about sighposting
Today is Boomtime, the 30th day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
So i moved to txtnish, let's see how it goes...
@freemor shitposting is posting pretty much anything, no matter how bad it might be. usually horrible jokes, memes, or anything you might think is not really worth sharing really. that tired-wired twee...
Uge 47 begynder #DK
@lucidiot (re: Bratislava) Good one! :-)
@kas (re: signing) Thanks for the suggestion using Keybase. Playing around with the authenticity idea.
Wochenspruch 46 / 2019
So I submitted my first package to AUR ⌘ Better late than never. ;)
@lucidiot Having heard neither term I'm not sure if you tried shitposting or sithposting. Both are potentially intriguing.
This will be a memorable month -- no matter how hard you try to forget it.
Just stumbled upon a gopher server written in Lua ⌘
Everything the self encompasses is old and used.
tired: shitposting - wired: sithposting
Today is Sweetmorn, the 29th day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
There were a lot of other issues "losf" was just the last straw.
Their GUI client is even worse. Basically I gave up on the whole mess when the CLI (and thus GUI) needed lsof to compile. Requiring lsof is very questionable for a privacy oriented app.
@johanbove I was doing that with keybase for a while but their client (cli) is a huge bloated POS (I was building from source and watching in horror as it pulled parts from aall over) T.
Another twtxt project that could be interesting, once all twtxt files have been fetched and enumerated, is “The Complete Link Collection”, containing all URLs posted by all users at all times.
Currently lost in txt nirvana over at
@lucidiot (re: Bratislava) Haha! :D
That last tweet might have been one of my farthest-fetched puns ever.