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Do you chase what you are after in order to keep it forever as a new system of belief?
using LaTeX until now and just discovering troff for typesetting
Today is Setting Orange, the 33rd day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Short work week and about half the office is out.
I'm going through a series of coffees. Keep it up little heart
Yay, piratebox is working ūüĎć
I found my hacker name : anarchmellow
New day, still no motivation. I'll reinstall my piratebox during lunch time
We can use words to simply indicate the person, or to make things a bit more clear. But there is never a reason to believe in these words.
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 32nd day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
@sdk (re: GDK_DPI_SCALE=2) You're a genious! But, hahaha, 2 is toooooooo much. 1.2, or even just 1.15, is better. Thanks for your help!
Sérieux j'en ai marre de cette endroit...J'en ai marre de bosser ici je veux me casser
also my piratebox has hardware problems... shit...
I actually think I'm bad at coding... I mean I do an love to make silly scripts and stuff, but I'm bad at real programming projects...
Help, I forgot how to work, again
Growth within the self is limited to the desires, prejudices, and beliefs therein. Is there time involved ‚Äď becoming, getting better, and all of that ‚Äď outside of the self?
Uge 47 begynder #DK
@EnglishRussia1 Floor does look pretty damn good tho
All of these happenings within the fragmented mind are fantasies. é uma micro-empresa de assessoria e consultoria em meio ambiente e desenvolvimento sustentável.
Namastè! A #yoga é um ato consciente e voluntário que liberta o ente dos condicionamentos #swami
yoga é uma ciência espiritual de realização humana #swami
Publica√ß√Ķes constantes a servi√ßo da informa√ß√£o de qualidade
The great cosmic voids are not lifeless but rather the opposite: Domains of hibernating civilizations, stars extinguished and tucked away in hyperspace as future fuel, with galaxy cluster filaments as mere demarcation lines
Today is Boomtime, the 30th day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Vídeo O viés do despertar #01-03
Youtube ao Vivo Eclipse Solar tempo real Agosto 2017
Vidas Passadas Brasília
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Vidas passadas regress√£o
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Significado das cores dos signos astrológicos astrologia
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Reencarnação vidas passadas respostas para perguntas não feitas
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Regress√£o vidas passadas online
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Projeção Astral Depoimentos Youtube
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Os Signos Astrológicos e suas caracteristicas
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