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Are you a question, seeking the answer? Or are you already the answer, seeking the right question?
Today is Pungenday, the 23rd day of Chaos in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
@Elzeria_ @Astaen woa there, dernier de la saison on a un film et une saison 6 encore
ah, enfin un SSD
@_panchromia (si tu es déjà sur la nouvelle version)
@Astaen mais on a tout s'qu'il nous faut
@adiabetic, how did the coffee work for you? I would probably have chosen 20 minutes of powernapping.
@MayakoLyyn Rofl c'est rien ça. Les vrais libristes te parleront de Gentoo.
genre j'ai vraiment besoin de gros boutons ? ils ont pas une API pour détecter un mode tablette quand c'est nécessaire ?
oh que c'est- pas beau j'aime pas cette nouvelle page d'accueil dans Office
It is in your nature to be the expression of complete compassion.
@vincentimes yep, mais il y a déjà une nouvelle saison + un film 🤷
Welcome to the twtxtverse @bt_tenk!
@bt_tenk Welcome to #Twtxt
@bt_tenk Bienvenue \o/
@fredLg44 @samuellaurent Le tweet n'existe plus, mais un passage dans l'article l'indique...
aaaaaa gimp qui freeze
Hold Danmark Rent ⌘
When I see the direction this is taking, they'll kill the TV channel and be full online streaming at this point.
Servers are slow tonight
You must go deeper. See these movements in their purest form.
I went for the new thing and chose the coffee. I am not falling asleep in my chair anymore.
currently considering the relative merits of an 8 pm nap vs. an 8 pm coffee
Using Visual Studio Code in fullscreen on my main monitor while looking at other things on the other monitor. I did not expect to turn into one of John Siracusa’s millenial co-workers.
Today is Sweetmorn, the 21st day of Chaos in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
twitter i swear to god stop your bullshit with your api
spotify pls je suis pas au bureau, démarre pas la lecture là-bas
Uge 4 begynder #DK
not looking forward to the buses being so crowded again
watching all the students move in...
I definitively take my time
today’s `brew cleanup` cleaned up 4 GB of space
The real tyrant is the ghost in the darkness. It is not the one staring back in the mirror; it is the one thinking about the one staring back in the mirror.
current Saturday-night fun: ensuring that everything I have installed on one machine with Homebrew is also on the other machine
Today is Setting Orange, the 20th day of Chaos in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
wow, that's a lot of downvotes
I ate banana pancakes and now my burps taste like banana
What if your spiritual journey was negated? If you woke up tomorrow and your search was gone, if nothing were left, what would you do?
now i just gotta come up with more bot ideas
bot done!! for moon phases starting in 2019, follow @moon
what color a pixel really is, the world only learns after its death
brains made of reaction networks instead of neurons, trees that think in chemical cocktails and diffusion systems, fruits that contain a tree's advice to its children
If anybody want to take a look on my new project: - A epub reader for the terminal
Don't expect too much, it's rather basic, but already enough to read at least non technical books.
@Astaen woa, ça toucherait vachement la nostalgie ça
asap being get one now thx sales
I need to get a SSD asap
#mox-books 'Calexit' by Matteo Pizzolo et al.
EDNS Compliance Tester ⌘
DNS Flag Day 2019-02-01 ⌘
DNS Flag Day 2019-02-01 ⌘
#mox-music DISRUPTION by Lara Sarkissian
Wééé ! Je viens d'uploader les 3 premières saison du Donjon de Naheulbeuk sur une instance funkwhale \o/