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Things seem to change from time to time. You may even find yourself letting go of things you may have once felt necessary. But has anything really changed?
Improved the CSP and speed of my #searx instance See:
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 45th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Read some excepts from a book I randomly found yesterday. While the writing was a little dry, I thought it could be an interesting read. However when I looked on Amazon, found out the book was 80 USD. I'm sorry but it was not that interesting.
Can anything truly be called our own?
Today is Pungenday, the 44th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
sculpture ideas for zero G:↵- stones held by nothing but extremely thin threads↵- a magnetic orrery, without all the supports one needs in gravity↵- lego metacrystals↵- like strandebeests, but they snake lazily through the air when an eddy comes their ...
Öresund peer-to-peer, okt. 27 i Malmö ⌘
SAN — a YAML/TOML alternative ⌘
I love monitoring a process. It's more excitement than I can handle.
As a human being; a brilliantly vibrant living being; you are beautiful, whole, and complete. Never let anyone convince you otherwise.
Today is Boomtime, the 43rd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
an invisible sunbeam lights up the dust motes around her but none of it falls on her, she moves as if unaware, a shadow in three dimensions
[disclaimer for those into factual accuracy: I expect that if regression to the mean is applicable here, it would play out over a few years and not 30]
if human civilization really did survive a few decades of quantum suicide during the cold war, shouldn't we be seeing regression to the mean by now↵↵instead of, you know, the opposite
Non-programmers have invaded the programming area. It wouldn't be bad except some of them wear way too much perfume or cologne. Feel like I need a gas or filter mask.
Is compassion a concept? If I have a concept – a generic idea – can that in any way touch this fullness of life?
Today is Sweetmorn, the 42nd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
From: A. Causal <mail.⇋⇋.⌱⌛>↵Subject: Unique investment opportunities in YOUR past!↵↵attached file contains vital information on how to reclaim negentropy from the past, kindly open and run
It doesn't pay to be smart in interstellar space - once out of the gravity well, most races lose their sentience in favor of longevity, radiation tolerance and stealth
Insufficiently known POSIX shell features (2011) ⌘
Another fun day of loading data for this software pilot. It's fun just watching data load.
There are, of course, thoughts. But none of them are yours.
Today is Setting Orange, the 41st day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Uge 38 begynder #DK
... But then I hark back to the days where you could look over and seee the status of CPU registers by the blinkin lights
@<sdk gopher://> UltraBright leds == No, Blinkin lights == Yes!. Can't tell you how much the current trend of laptops with 0 status leds bothers me.