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Ah. Serveur en PLS, quelq'un à envoyé une vidéo qui lui fait mal
Je vous jure j'ai rien fait
Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit ⌘
Freedom will not come through accumulation.
Today is Boomtime, the 9th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
@bestgirlcelia mais what
Wow, des manifestants qui arrivent et prennent l'antenne pendant une minute
@von very strange. what error are you getting when you try to fetch
United States Army deception formations of World War II:
@kas (re: freemor) What ? No I don't, I just use twtxt normally and use the timeline command :/
@von (re: freemor) are you using a cron job? and if so: is that cron job being run? (yesterday cronie 1.5.3 on ArchLinux didn't run any user jobs; solved with 1.5.4)
Bon une première version de mon planning d'anime pour la saison qui arrive est faite. On va voir si je drop des trucs après 3 épisodes~ (La barre orange c'est semaine particulière)
@freemor : Ah, I still don't see your posts in my timeline even though the file is good on my browser :/
Technology allows us to be connected instantly all over the world. Yet, we are the loneliest we have ever been.
Today is Sweetmorn, the 8th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
I want to like exa, but its default color choices are hot garbage. Don’t these people who use purple ever try using a terminal with a black background?
Interestingly enough, Visual Studio Code keeps running bash as its preferred shell, even though it isn’t the login shell anymore.
Quand t'oublies que t'as porté un easter-egg depuis le vieux bot IRC
i was less productive today. i'm trying not to internalize it as "i'm not doing good enough today"
@SilverEagleDev Oh boy, not spoiling here but he's coming from long ago
@_Azaret yep, only Tubro is ad-free I guess
@Orett_ J'ai le même problème. Il va falloir faire une étagère pour exposer une collection bientôt.
@Shookaite careful, SERN is coming for you
@Shookaite smh time travelling again
@trotropicana Merde, j'ai la chanson en tête
@Staphilea 1.5 ou 2 jours. 3 je trouve un peu long mais tu peux tenter de faire vraiment beaucoup
@freemor Glad to see you're still here. :)
@Astaen 5) Des règles qui permettent de déplacer les mails / les marquer comme lu / ajouter un tag / supprimer / ajouter aux spams / ... 6) Calendrier intégré et synchro, éventuellement
@Astaen 1) Recherche rapide (avec des filtres genre "from:bi [puis texte qui peut être dans le mail]") 2) Dossiers locaux qu'on peut exporter/importer 3) Signatures facile à changer (pl...
Wow I just wanted to like a picture, TweetDeck (and I can't send this tweet from TD either smh)
@kas Thanks for the heads up. Fixed, bad regex on a rule.
@freemor, it looks like you are still fetching my twtxt file. Hope you are reading this.
@freemor, have you left us? I get a “403 – Forbidden” on your twtxt file. Is that intentional, or have you fscked something up?
@adiabetic I use fish 99+% of the [interactive] time, so those are the only prefs I maintain now.
@adiabetic So very soon I grew very annoyed. Now I have 2 “open terminal emulator” hotkeys in my WM: one for $SHELL and one for fish. It works like a charm for me – especially now that I have told fish NOT to use ...
@adiabetic This time I actually started with fish as my login shell, but too many programs just assumed that $SHELL was POSIX compatible.
Privacy-wise, I think they can't track much too, especially if we're outside of their website/app (like with youtube-dl + mpv).
I see Twitch now injects ads directly into the video stream. ofc people are mad that they can't block them but if they don't appear when nobody asked for them then I'm fine with it.
@kas now that I understand fish enough to port over the contents of my .bashrc and .bash_profile, I’m starting to get used to it. How’s having different shell preferences for login/interactive treating you?
I wanted to feel productive this evening, but I didn’t want to do any useful work. In related news, I’ve switched to from GPLv2 bash.
The selfish always fall, and fall hard.
🌕 Full Moon
idk if this level of productivity is happening beacuse of or in spite of not having a laptop but it sure makes me wonder if i really need one
i've been insanely productive this week... usually my manic states don't go on for this long but we're pushing three days
Today is Setting Orange, the 7th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
@AstroAlteraane @holydevilinside 12Mb/s c'est 96Mbit/s J'ai eu du VDSL et j'était toujours entre 40 et 50 Mbit/s.
@holydevilinside Clairement pas en upload lol mais vdsl peut rester vers 50mbits Après oui, tout dépend d'où tu es
@holydevilinside Yep, ou VDSL / 4G mais là il y a la latence.
20 GB per hour ~333 MB per minute 5.5 MB/s which is ~45Mbit/s
(A TL;DR in comments)
TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K) #Shaarli
@adiabetic (re: fish shell) I have been through the same procedure. This time was different: I still have bash as my login shell, but I now use fish for my interactive shell (and _some_ scripting).
@Xefir_Destiny Ah, t'as pris une nouvelle paire et pas juste le boitier au moins.
Mon archive Google+ est légère lol
Sister Rosetta Tharpe — Didn’t it Rain ⌘ Manchester, England, 1964. 🎶
Bon, j'aurai fait mon possible pour le boulot aujourd'hui. On fait des screenshots et on tente d'expliquer avec. Le dashboard est littéralement pas fait, mais toutes les entrées d'infos sont là...