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You single-handedly fought your way into this hopeless mess.
@chameleon Wow, somebody's reading this! What's up?! Nice site!
This should take a lot less code for an optimizing C compiler. There'll be no optimizer, but lots of room for the programmer to optimize.
(But decent error messages if you screw up your register allocation, try to read a different type from a register than you wrote.)
Next stop: a type- and memory-safe compiled language that can occupy C's niche. Manual memory management. AND manual register allocation.
But everything takes too damn long with machine code. Enough fun and games. Resume climbing the ladder of abstraction.
It's taken a year to get here. I want to take a break, do a Lisp interpreter for fun. Just so I can see a computer boot into a Lisp prompt.
But the syntax is nothing more than machine code (with good error messages).
So far I can: create Linux binaries; package them up with a kernel into a bootable image; run it on Qemu or Linode.
about me: I'm building a hobbyist computer. No C (eventually). Lots of tests. Reward curiosity.
Is compassion a concept? If I have a concept – a generic idea – can that in any way touch this fullness of life?
Today is Sweetmorn, the 42nd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
@kas So somewhat similar to postfix then.. Well I managed that ok. Maybe I'll giv it another look. Thanks
@freemor Setting up INN is definitely not intuitive. There are so many knobs to be able to turn. Initially, the easiest is to use somebody else's config files as an example. After that, it's just 3 fil...
@freemor I am also hoping that NNTP will see a small renaissance the way gopher has. I love NNTP's way of distributing articles.
Works like a charm!
Testing updated post_tweet_hook
@kas How much of a hastle was setting up INN. I'm no stranger to server set-ups but the few times I've pondered it it seemed a bit complicated (tho that would be year and years ago)?
@kas I tried to get on NNTP in about 2014-15... I managed to read posts, but I couldn't actually join in. Didn't really have much luck in general.
You can additionally find me for longer form posts at
Today I'm trying out twtxt =w=. I want to see whether or not this gels with my workflow
Let's rock and roll.
@kas I fire up tin to read from from time to time.. but definitely not like the early days. I had soo many good conversation on NNTP back in the day. Hopefully it'll find a niche like gopher seems to have.
@freemor I was active on Usenet from 1992 to 2012. Then a week ago I became nostalgic and set up INN (with slrn as news client) again, but dk.* is almost dead.
@freemor I agree. I have recently set up INN and am peering dk.* with FU-Berlin and AIOE + some private peers from – it's definitely not like in the old days.
The whole world is a tuxedo and you are a pair of brown shoes.
-- George Gobel
@kas I use NNTP out of naustalgia from time to time but it is hard to find really good free NNTP servers like back when NNTP was a thing and before it was poluted by binaries.
@lahvak (re: clipboard) hear, hear!
Any twtxt'ers still using NNTP (‘Usenet’) out there?
Haven't been here for a while. I guess I didn't have lot to share nor to find
Apple, not so secure after all:
There are, of course, thoughts. But none of them are yours.
First message of 'twtxt'
Today is Setting Orange, the 41st day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
#mox-music 'Curse These Metal Hands' by Conjurer and Pijn
You teach best what you most need to learn.
@adiabatic Thank you for teaching me about Tauthon!
Today I was reminded of it by a long series of steps that began with an invitation from Web surfing at its best.
I've always _loved_ the idea of twtxt, but had no idea so many people are using it.
I can't abide Python, so I'm writing these messages using 'echo', for now..
Hello world!
One might believe that one is compassionate, but what does belief have to do with compassion?
Uge 38 begynder #DK
Wochenspruch 37 / 2019
Q: Why did the germ cross the microscope?
A: To get to the other slide.
The search automatically brings in the notion that there is something missing.
Today is Pungenday, the 39th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
Non-programming thought of the hour: “I want pancakes”. Also the non-programming thought of the previous hour, and the hour before that.
Programming thought of the hour: “if everything knew about everything else, I wouldn’t have this problem.” Of course, I’d have different problems later…
cheap entertainment of the day: running and chuckling at the cost and manpower estimates of my one-man projects
Stop! There was first a game of blindman's buff. Of course there was.
And I no more believe Topper was really blind than I believe he had eyes
in his boots. My opinion is, that it was a done thing between him and
Scrooge's nephew; and that the Ghost of Christmas Present knew it. The
way he went after that plump sister in the lace tucker, was an outrage
on the credulity of human nature.
If one is serious, they take it to the very end, not relying on knowledge to answer for them.
🌕 Full Moon
poetry stuff is now at:
new page for longer creative stuff:
WebP is kind of disappointing. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because I tend to not really need it, even though I’d like to use it.
There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by
ridicule, howsoever poor and witless. Observe the ass, for instance: his
character is about perfect, he is the choicest spirit among all the humbler
animals, yet see what ridicule has brought him to. Instead of feeling
complimented when we are called an ass, we are left in doubt.
-- Mark Twain, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar"
You sit on a rock next to a tree and a person walks by. Your physical eyes look at the person. What is there? Find out, my friend.