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Go Gopher has got some wheels!!! #GopherCon
I've got 1 point on the #GopherCon Go rooms contributor workshop community dash! 🎉🙌👏🎊
Schedules for the three rooms at community day that have schedules at @GopherCon #GopherCon
Today @_rsc demonstrated how we (engineers) can collaborate effectively. We can apply this to all the projects we contribute to. #GopherCon
.@Golang Gopher arrived to @GopherCon alone and is heading home with a friend. Outstanding conference. #GopherCon
At #GopherCon I learnt that #golang programs can be nullless if every struct func is callable on nil. No null pointer errors 🎉. ❤️ @francesc
The five secret keywords in @golang that @francesc mentioned at #GopherCon can are here: