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@mdom (re: #Scuttlebutt) Done!
Dixit @ezdiy: “SSB is *not*, by design, a publicly addressable network, contrary to to most contemporary P2P. That's the key novelty of it – that you can refer only to your relative neighborhood.” #Scuttlebutt
FYI: #Scuttlebutt is good for publishing a signed key ledger with the fingerprints of your pubkeys. As a side-channel.
@tdemin For a truly decentralised (as in mesh or p2p) social network, try #Scuttlebutt ⌘ (Patchwork, a client written in NodeJS, is a filthy resource hog, but a client written in golang is...
Find me on #Scuttlebutt: @dbqlwh9gtr3i5ymogtioktgnvepeu+nyb6KGl1vtOcM=.ed25519 (AKA kas)
What happens after Soundcloud? [Swedish] -- social music sharing on top of #Scuttlebutt?