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Not bad for someone thats never played with #golang before.
Anyone using sendxmpp wants to try go-sendxmpp. It should already cover the most important use cases and I would be interested if it was compatible in your use case. #xmpp #golang
Peco – simplistic interactive filtering tool (fuzzy matcher à la fzf) ⌘ #golang
Shizaru is a minimalistic web server whose guiding principle is “serve no evil” ⌘ #golang
I was thinking of using #twet for taking shortish one-line notes. I added tag completion to that end. Now I realized that to make use of that locally as I want, I would have to teach it file:// urls. Any #golang hacker who wants to help out? https://gi...
@gbmor nice little project there, #getwtxt in #golang... I like reading your code.
Regarding my problem with some chars from @kasdk: The txtnish output looks fine. As I don't see anything in my program that could cause this I asked in the #golang #xmpp room. Let's see if someone has a good idea.