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Not bad for someone thats never played with #golang before.
Anyone using sendxmpp wants to try go-sendxmpp. It should already cover the most important use cases and I would be interested if it was compatible in your use case. #xmpp #golang
Peco – simplistic interactive filtering tool (fuzzy matcher à la fzf) ⌘ #golang
Shizaru is a minimalistic web server whose guiding principle is “serve no evil” ⌘ #golang
I was thinking of using #twet for taking shortish one-line notes. I added tag completion to that end. Now I realized that to make use of that locally as I want, I would have to teach it file:// urls. Any #golang hacker who wants to help out? https://gi...
@gbmor nice little project there, #getwtxt in #golang... I like reading your code.
Regarding my problem with some chars from @kasdk: The txtnish output looks fine. As I don't see anything in my program that could cause this I asked in the #golang #xmpp room. Let's see if someone has a good idea.
Are there any good #golang testing frameworks similar to testify, and place expectations on the rhs?
Find slow tests in Go test suites: #golang
Yes! This @Golang linter by @elliotchance identifies heavily nested code. Linear code ftw. #golang
😍 @Azure Functions look like they'll be getting Go support soon: #golang #serverless
I got a shock reading logs that say time spent handling request = 906. Why is it taking so long?! Oh, it's in nanoseconds. #golang
Keep global vars and init functions out of your Go code. #golang go get go get…
Simple @Slack search CLI. #golang #slack go get brew install 4d63/slacksearch/slacksearch
😱 Breaking change in generated protobuf code for #golang.
What's the state of vgo in go1.11 now that the release had been frozen. Will there be experience support in the release? #golang
Opened my first change against vgo 🎉 #golang #vgo
Opened my first GitHub issue for vgo 🎉. I'm really enjoying using this prototype. #golang #vgo
"A key design goal was to make it possible to serve modules from static hosting sites" Yes! #golang
Adding Go 1.10 to a @TravisCI yml? Add it like: go: "1.10" Not like: go: 1.10 The latter is Go 1.1. #golang #yaml
Woah is an amazing just-works autocompletion plugin for @neovim. Works great with Go. #golang #vim #neovim #nvim
My first commits to @Golang were merged today! 🎉🚀🎉🚀 #golang
Do you use Go and @GoogleCloud App Engine in production? #golang #appengine #googleappengine
What's the simplest way to test a golang cli app from the outside, that makes changes to files, etc? #golang
Replacing bit counting in with the new go1.9 math/bits package speeds up benchmarks by a factor of 23x. 🎉 #golang
Setup a vanity URL for your Go project using this static file generator and host on S3/GCS/Github-Pages: #golang
Experience report about the dual usage of pointers to transfer ownership and indicate lack of value: #golang
#golang howto: extend the default xml decode/encode for a struct
Experimenting with compiler safe optional types in @golang: #golang
Huzzah! Discovered to omitempty a struct field with the xml/json encoders without pointer notation. #golang @golang
+1 simplicity: "more flexibility led to devs writing code that others struggled to understand" @marianogappa #golang
+1 simplicity: "more flexibility led to devs writing code that others struggled to understand" @marianogappa #golang
Are there any gophers in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia? #golang
Do you wish you could contribute to @Golang via @GitHub PRs? Check-out this conversation and thumb it up: #golang
Go composition == Ruby mixins. Go interfaces == Ruby duck typing. I once 😭 these concepts. But with type safety they are 😍. #golang
TIL #golang's io.MultiReader 🎉 by @benbjohnson
.@fatih's vim-go tutorial is the best. My experience coding @golang in #vim is now *AMAZING*. #golang
.@rakyll at #GoSF, on why #golang is good for hardware. Feeling inspired to give hardware a go.
"GOOS and GOARCH are officially pronounced goose and gorch." @rob_pike @golang #golang @GopherCon #gophercon
At #GopherCon I learnt that #golang programs can be nullless if every struct func is callable on nil. No null pointer errors 🎉. ❤️ @francesc
#golang is simple but everytime I demo code I get asked what := is. I wish variable declaration was only possible in long form: var v1 = ...
You don't need a web framework when creating APIs in #golang and that creates a space for modular based development.
Why does @golang have a goto keyword? For a language aiming for less features, this seems like one feature we could do without. #golang
I've got my ticket for @GopherCon! I'm six months in using @golang and can't wait to meet other gophers. #golang
My first attempt at contributing to #golang is to fix this bug Wish me luck.
.@PSanford & Muir Manders did a great demo of using pprof safely in production at #gopherfest. Give it a go: #golang
.@Golang examples are sweet, except when they also run on Windows and output includes path separators. -.- #golang
Learning #golang...