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Find me at @GopherCon and say hi! #gopherconorbust
I love that the hotel staff place my gophers neatly on my bed each day, no matter where I leave them. #gophercon
"GOOS and GOARCH are officially pronounced goose and gorch." @rob_pike @golang #golang @GopherCon #gophercon
OH: "I 3D print my own drones." @GopherCon #gophercon
.@broady 🇦🇺 at @GopherCon on why to write your own web framework instead of using existing ones. 🎉 #gophercon
The to, err := human @francesc is wearing at @GopherCon can be found #gophercon
I gave my first lightning talk ever =O at @GopherCon tonight. It was fun! #gophercon
"Deployments are like muscles. They start to fail if they're not used frequently." -- @bketelsen @rgsimon at @gophercon #gophercon
Saga continues. Replacement plane emergency slide accidentally releases. Mechanics are fixing. #gopherconorbust
Got on a ✈ to Denver for @GopherCon, landed in Salt Lake City to the welcome of emergency services due to engine overheat. #gopherconorbust
A little over 12 hours till I'm on a plane to @GopherCon. I hope my wife doesn't go into labor in the next 5 days. #gopherconorbust