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out of this grew hieronymity: your handle is a sacred name of god so that anybody who has beef with you will need to take it up with god as well↵↵egonymity: each of those posts was made by you, the whole Internet is your diary↵#invisiblenetworks (day 5)
The gods have profiles just like us, except when they retweet stuff, it comes true and we both eagerly await and dread these moments↵#invisiblenetworks (day 3)
Hackers figure out how to inject 𝑖-likes and the algorithms are high on complex math for days before the network's developers even figure out the problem↵#invisiblenetworks (day 20)
The network uses the latest in content generation to cover for the user when they don't feel like updating. Or haven't logged in months. Or have tried to delete their account for the seventh time now.↵The Content must flow.↵(belated #invisiblenetworks,...