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Is there any #twtxt #xmpp muc? If not, I set up (an still empty) one at
Re #twtxt #xmpp muc: It seems there is a #matrix and an #irc room but no xmpp which I would prefer. *sigh*
@kas joined the #twtxt #xmpp room and doubled the amount of users. :D
Pushed my #xmpp #twtxt bot written in #go to Github:
Seems my bot works more stablesince switching #xmpp lib from to more active
@kas @freemor (re: Matrix) Me prefers #xmpp too. My tests with #matrix and #tox were all unsatisfying.
Seems my #xmpp #twtxt bot survived its first provider reconnect during the night. 😃
Sorry, for being quite noisy now but it is really fun using #twtxt over #xmpp, am very proud it somehow works even when I'm no programmer.
OMG! Almost missed the start of #RBMvsEBB in the #DEL finals due to hacking my #twtxt #xmpp bot. 😁
I changed the code of #goxtxt (my #twtxt #xmpp bot) a little bit. If all went good there should be no change in functionality but it is no more depending on #head and #grep.
Built a little #xmpp bot that queries Just try:
Anyone using sendxmpp wants to try go-sendxmpp. It should already cover the most important use cases and I would be interested if it was compatible in your use case. #xmpp #golang
Easy XMPP with WhatsApp like contact discovery via phone number: #xmpp #quicksy #conversations
"A pathway to a well regulated instant messaging market": #xmpp
@freemor You can also send your location to using #xmpp
Today I got a lot of s2s errors on my #xmpp server because of servers with invalid certs are trying to connect.
@freemor @von This is also my only tweeting thing. 😃 I am active in some boards and #xmpp mucs though.
@nonlinear there is an #xmpp muc: but unfortunately not much used.
@leo maybe my #xmpp bot is doing something wrong, but everything else works.
@adiabetic (re noti) Looks nice. But it supports strange things like telegram, hipchat and so on but not the standard #xmpp 😡
@adiabetic I think my pulse would be high a lot of times if using iOS. I hear of so many problems from #xmpp devs fighting iOS and push. Not having a reliable chat app due to apples design constraints would really...
@kas I don't know. I will check what txtnish output in the terminal looks like. Right now I only access #twtxt via my #xmpp bot.
@kas It looks like the message is f***ed up by the #xmpp library I am using and not by my code. :-/
Regarding my problem with some chars from @kasdk: The txtnish output looks fine. As I don't see anything in my program that could cause this I asked in the #golang #xmpp room. Let's see if someone has a good idea.
The #xmpp newsletter 10/2019 is the first one which got translated to German:
@mdosch (re #xmpp) Yeah, I might try that, but for the moment I just made my gf use Signal, small step. Thanks for the link :)
@von (re #xmpp) I moved my family to xmpp. For friends you might consider quicksy that works like WhatsApp but you can reach them via normal xmpp. Maybe you will also find some interesting groupchats there: https://s...
If someone is using this niche microblog thing twitter: #profanity has a poll what terminal #xmpp client you are using:
If you can read this my twtxt (including my twtxt #xmpp bot) is up and running again. 😀
I really have fun using #twtxt since my #xmpp bot is working reliable again. Sorry for the spam. 😁