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@adiabatic 100°C os the boiling temperature of water and 0°C os the freezing temperature. It's a linear scale so 90°C is already damn hot.
@adiabatic Do you use your iPad in a water cooker? 😲
@adiabatic (re: Are we back?) Not quite: I get your 404 page.
@adiabatic My mind would like to get to know kakoune, but my attempts so far have stranded. It would be nice with a ‘kaktutor’ document.
@adiabatic I tried micro, but stopped when it messed with the muscle memory for my usual editor, jed. Also, I was annoyed that micro doesn't have an “insert file at cursor position” function. Otherwise a nice edit...
@adiabatic, which “newfangled editors” are you talking about?
@adiabatic (re: ‘’) My mind says I should learn to use kakoune, but my muscle memory says I should just stick to jed (that I have used for close to 25 years).
@adiabatic (re: exa) I don't expect anything to break, it's more about me getting used to the slightly different format. E.g., you cannot see at a glance if a directory is empty or not.
@adiabatic, @johanbove (re: Are you real enough for yourself?) If I am unreal, there is no self I can be real for.
@adiabatic I thought an easy way og backing up my RPi4 would be to take a copy of the µSD image. But dd produced an image with a different checksum every time, so I gave up.
@adiabatic (re: hand-sized SE) I wish there was a LineageOS-installable android phone in that size. The current size trends are worrying.
@adiabatic (re: iphone xr) True. The battery life is great - especially since it is new. FaceID is very handy indeed. The bigger screen estate is amazing too. Also esim might be cool - if only my provider would su...
@adiabatic (re: splitting per decade) I agree, and perhaps splitting mine every year is overkill. I also consider having the last ~365 days in the current file and then having an ‘archive’ file with everything (in...
@adiabatic the 0 indicates the txt file type in gophermaps. Gopherholes are made up of mostly plain text files. Does that answer your question?
@adiabatic (re: size) So: Even when splitting the feed, the active file keeps the same address, so subscribers needn't change anything.
@adiabatic (re: size) What I did with the ShowHN files was to start each file with a tweet that says “$datetime previous year's tweets found at $file” and ended each file with a similar tweet to tell people where...
@adiabatic I rarely, if ever, pass any options to cwebp. What happens if you just “cwebp background.jpg -o background.webp”?
@adiabatic I've been using WebP in lieu of PNG and JPEG for months now and I have rarely been disappointed. It's a pity that WebP isn't supported everywhere.
@adiabatic Thank you for teaching me about Tauthon!
@mdosch, @adiabatic: I have opened an issue for XMPP support.
Guys, #twet now has autocompletion for mentions! Mention spree! @kas @mdom @dracoblue @adiabatic @<david https://p...
@adiabatic "what do you say to somebody who has hiccups"?