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Hey @dave πŸ‘‹ What's new?
@dave Did you type that out with your knuckles, or did you use voice recognition, or…? ;)
@dave No, I don't think I've ever done that
@dave Wow, that is some highly readable code. Warms my heart to see it.. And Comments galore Nice. This is the way I was taught to code. Glad to see it isn't dead.
@dave I still use abook. But I'll definitely take a look.
@dave I started using this after reading your posts on Gopher and seeing the twtxt link.
@freemor @dave thanks. :) But now I have to investigate why the bot refused to work yesterday evening till I restarted it. ^^
@dave Thanks for the link to (reposted here so I have a local copy).
@freemor, @dave (re: Discoverability): I suggest the exact URL/filename be put in the header/metadata section of one's twtxt file.
@dave not sure why but I didn't know that SDF had a Mastodon server. I'll have to create an account
@dave Nice! Thanks for posting it.
@dave bingo!
@dave OK... Cool never seen the term vapourware applied to music before.. I'll hve to dig in.
@dave vaporwave artist?
@dave :( on the pruning \o/ on the use of xargs
@dave Good Point :D
@dave Thanks for sharing that link. Very cool!
@dave (re: cooking shows) Yes! However, this kimchi recipe is pretty much what it takes to make kimchi ⌘ Is does fail when it tries to show what two poun...
And i liked @dave's version so much, i copied his banner. Maybe i should create a empty twtfile with the banner in #txtnish quickstart :)
@dave Have you checked, the highly delicious bookmark manager? I really like it!
@dave this dotfiles and stow stuff is awesome, thanks for sharing! just started using with to keep track of repos
@dave (re: todo.txt) good idea
Follow @dave if you want 10,000 twtxt followers!
@dave so true :)
" @dave if you don't live in a densly populated area, nobody will even notice the piratebox. At least, in my experience."
@dave Cool! I think I've got a C version somewhere if you need something faster.
@dave @mdom checkout this fork I made for fun
@dave @mdom checkout this fork I made for fun
@dave Where did you leave it? Love their faq: "Where can I buy a PirateBox? There are some things that money can't buy, and PirateBox is one of them!"
@dave Thanks for posting about miniircds. Looks fun.
@freemor, @dave RAZR was the worst phone I've ever had. Its only redeeming quality was that it could write any phonenumber to the SIM card.
@dave.. no I hadn't heard about that re-release.. Doesn't surprise me, people loved their Nokias
@dave Can't comment on that never had a Razr or knew someone who did.. they sure looked sharp tho
@dave nice article tho.. something more people should think about.
@dave I'm way ahead on that. De-Googled my life years ago.. Just finished divorcing my smartPhone (now rocking a feature phone).
@dave Yes, it should be the reader's client that enforces a limit, if any.
@mdom, @dave, @kas I agree with the "no max length; show at least 140chars" idea.
@dave, @kas I thought about propsing "There is no maximum length of a message. Clients should show at least 140 characters of a tweet after collapsing the mentions." Or something like that.