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@david (re: do you have any yourself?
Guys, #twet now has autocompletion for mentions! Mention spree! @kas @mdom @dracoblue @adiabatic @<david https://p...
@david interesting idea, so it would be just a display filter? ie. to fetch entire feed, and filter only in timeline
@david I must be on the 2nd page!
@kdave I don't think, it's necessary to merge http+https. People can add themself only with https. /cc @david
tip: http:// and https:// be made equivalent while merging the reference into mention (see @david 's)
@david done!
testing @mdom's linkback code mentioning @david i.e. myself, hehe.
testing @mdom's linkback. @david says thank you, awesome!
@david I think certain combinations of quotes can cause the command line to get confused...