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@kas Using txtnish I am also getting a 403 on
@kas (re user-agent) That must be wrong for a long time then or was there a release recently?
@kas :) +1 on that
@kas Sorry I never replied. Haven't quite gotten up to speed, here, but investigating the blog issue and twistnik!
@kas Yes, I suspect it is some lone individule. Not sure how they are getting IRC servers to send PSH SYN packets towards my server.
@mdom The last tweet regarding #txtnish should point at you not @kas Sorry. πŸ˜”
@kas does #txtnish support #gopher twtxt.txt addresses?
@kas (re #hashtags) My twtxt bot can filter the timeline for hashtags so sometimes I look what others are writing about a certain topic but usually I only find my own tweets. 😁
@kas My Gopher URL is gopher:// and my twtxt.txt file is available at gopher://
Thank you @kas, I would like to be added to @we_are_twtxt
@kas (re: Session) I don't think so, but it might be possible to try something by running Session apps in separate containers on your phone. But I didn't try it
(re plaintextemail) @kas Nice! Maybe I could add a sieve filter which replies with a link to this site when receiving HTML emails. πŸ€”
@kas (re: degoogle) Hmm, I don't really like that they also recommend Threema for messaging as this is also a closed source silo. πŸ€”
@kas Wow! Nice. getting close to that for me too.. (will be in June). How time flies.
@kas I managed it. I had to temporarily set my pgp_home to the autocrypt folder before importing the key.
@kas : :P
@kas AIBOHPHOBIA very cute! :)
@kas Yep, seeing the "/.git/HEAD" requests here too.. but fewer as that would run afoul of one of my servers banning rules. But still quite a few in my logs.
@kas Oh! so I broke the danish intelligence agency. nice
@kas I wanted to see your redirect so I curled with an awesome user agent and made your IIS server do a 500 I think :D
@kas That's what I was imagining, it might turn into an even more consumerist world. USA but worse
@kas where's the fun in not having a flood of 😨 though :p
@kas systemd-analyze security | tail -n+2 | rev | cut -d' ' -f5 | tr -d '\n': πŸ™πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ™πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ™‚πŸ˜¨πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜¨πŸ˜πŸ˜¨πŸ™‚πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨
@kas @freemor I doubt many _want_ to browser-sniff. Unfortunately, I see browser sniffing used to work around a particular browser’s bugs, so browser sniffing isn’t going ...
@kas Agreed, browsers offering less info upfront is clearly better. I suspect I was tweaked by the author referring to passive sniffing which seems disingenious as most connections are now https and the real issue is activ...
@freemor @kas I’m not seeing how this is _worse_ for privacy than the current mess that is the User-Agent string, though. What am I missing?
@kas And biggest browser is owned by one of the worst of the bunch, Google. Which people seem to forget is an advertising company that happens to do tech, not the other ways round.
@kas Interesting but I think the author is missing the fact that most fingerprinting is both Active and Intentional. Which means switching to hints will engender more requests so the survielence capitalists can gather as m...
@kas: (re: f) neat idea! I often wish for something like that, but then convince myself that "ok... typing {print $n} is not _that_ bad" (even if it kind of is... lol)
@kas I suppose that one could create a linked list of sorts by adding a URL to the previous years twtxt file in the metadata of the current one.
@kas Indeed. Martin Jambon, on Twitter, pointed me at space-filling curves - which is looks exactly like what I had in mind. Very cool!
@lucidiot @kas (re: gpg) There's also Keybase as good GPG tool. They offer a lot of encrypted services as well :)
@von @kas (re: gpg) I have yet to learn more about GPG but I use Protonmail which already gives me keys and I know my desktop client handles it, so if you want to send me mails just to t...
@kas (re: gpg) Well I do sign my emails, but the majority of persons I send emails to are not that kind of users :/
@kas (re: #PSP) I can't seem to find anything about a PSP having XMPP; the closest I have is Mylo, another device from Sony whose second generation was based on PSP technology and included AIM.
@kas I'll see if I have time to implement a prototype over the next week or so.
@kas the code is fairly pseudocody, but not far from what a valid OCaml would be.
@kas I just outlined a basic idea for a peer-discoverer/crawler at
@kas also lol @ the MS in "MS Github" - gives it such a different feel
@kas, @jb55: Sweet! This is more or less what I had in mind. Except my filename ideas were not as clever! :)
@kas I aliased ls to exa and nothing broke. With any luck, nothing’ll break for you, either.
@kas Love those shower ideas! Keep em coming
@kas (re: user-agent) that reminds me of my recent PSP adventures: I discovered the PSP includes its region code, its firmware version and how the browser was started (from a game, from the console menu, from a special opt...
@kas Thank you and you're welcome! :)
@kas Yikes, sound like that card should be basked up if it can't give you the same hash twice. Maybe throw clonezilla at it and see how it does.
@kas Because Webby!. I think a lot of the people developing these things get quickly lost outside of HTTP/JS.
@kas Glory to Arsztozka! ☭
@kas @mdosch Try Compose-CCCP (use shift and type those in actual caps) ☭
(re ellipsis) @lucidiot @kas Thx, will play with that. πŸ˜ƒ
@mdosch @kas I personally have my Compose key set to right ctrl so I press Right Ctrl then period twice
(re ellipsis) @lucidiot @kas Oh, I found out my android keyboard also can easily do … But how do you do this on Linux?
@kas (re: …) I heard about the Greek question mark recently: break all your code with s/;/ΝΎ/!
One of the things that I like on twtxt is seeing @kas using … (the actual ellipsis) instead of ... (three periods).
@kas RIP. Didn't it have sensors to prevent falls? My roomba has one quite protected from dust, I never had to clean this sensor.
@kas @freemor Great song! :D
@kas (re: signing) Thanks for the suggestion using Keybase. Playing around with the authenticity idea.
@kas Maybe there could be an interactive mode where the username, url and latest tweets are displayed and you can tell it to follow this txt or continue, therefore creating the twtxtinder
@kas I had something like 180 (including the nick-only mentions without URLs) from curl-ing my following
@kas (re autocrypt) Will try some other time. I realized the new neomutt doesn't like my config and I am not in the mood to debug this I'm back to the one in debian/testing.
@kas wait how many twtxt bots do you even haveβ€½
@kas (re: pancakes) *jealousy intensifies*
@kas (re autocrypt) It was released with 20191025 but 20191102 in Debian/SID seems to not be compiled with autocrypt support. Building the package myself fails and I don't know what libs might be missing. :D
(re autocrypt) @kas Oh I didn't know a recent release brought autocrypt directly to neomutt. When I tried some 3rd party tool was necessary.
(re autocrypt) @kas Last time I tried to activate autocrypt for neomutt nothing worked. How hard was it for you to set up?
@kas Interesting stuff. I do love reading RFC's. But this one feels like a solution without a problem. I have no problem getting my key to people. And newer options like autoucrypt headers make it even easier.
Re: ActivityPub: Follow me at (only a test post so far)
@kas I like your gopher server's formatting, nice and clean and how did you implement the TLS certificate?
@kas Yep, sure is.. But still works fine for me. And at the end of the day isn't that what it's all about?
@kas Because it can be a little hard to find sometimes.
@kas Nice, the world can not have enough static site generators. I have been using one for years (blazeBlogger)
@kas got to , Do A search , View source , nav. to bottom of page , See <img src="/t/sl_l"/>
@kas [re: gopher client] If you happen to be on Windows, then Gopher Browser for Windows by Matt Owen is pretty nice, otherwise I use Lynx indeed for gopher.
@kas (re: infrared) aaaand it just failed! let's try again, because I have no other way of sending drivers to the win98 laptop because it lacks USB, ethernet and wireless drivers…
@kas (re: infrared) very slowly, it's at 86% after over 47 minutes of transferring, but it works! I heard XP screaming a few times about loosing the connection, the sound it makes when this happens is really scary
@kas nice thing about twtxt is you can just go edit the file and add the stars :) (I know you know this but for me editability is one of twtxts killer features)
@kas (re: mosquitoes) Also just to be curious I laid in bed for two hours with gloves (itchy gloves, argh), so the only uncovered part was my face. The mosquito landed on my nose!
@kas (re: mosquitoes) I know, just wanted to joke for a bit. And you mentioned the wrong person :p
@kas I’m tempted to split my file once per decade.
@kas (re: Splitting) Good stuff kas++ What command or script did you use to split by year?
@kas twtxt.txt file splitting for achival is an interesting idea. Should not need to be yearly only. High volume feeds could split faster. Needs a spec though.
@kas: private twtxt file: Haha, could also be agood idea yeah :)
@kas that said, I have no idea who bothers looking at the commented-out portions of others’ twtxt files. I only bother on rare occasions. Sometimes, there are interesting easter-eggy things to see.
@kas doesn’t seem like a _bad_ idea. I suppose I should do that one day too eventually, but I haven’t livetweeted enough Apple events to bloat my file to where I’d want to bother.
@kas The twtxt article is only a stub - me copy-pasting content from other sites - could use some more sections - @t himself found it an interesting concept
@kas "Writing is Thinking" Interesting thought I'm gonna have to ponder how that idea might apply to CLI vs GUI
@kas (re @evil ) The '%F %f %s' doesn't make problems now as I quick and dirty added replacing % with %%. 😁
@kas (re evil) Didn't know of this one. Will try it, THX.
@kas (re xmpp lib) Oh, it's so bad? I created an issue. So you might comment there if you have knowledge of possible vulnerabilities.
@kas See
@kas (re: XMPP-fsck) yes, is using a lot of fprintf and seems to not do escaping for % πŸ˜’
@kas It looks like the message is f***ed up by the #xmpp library I am using and not by my code. :-/
Regarding my problem with some chars from @kasdk: The txtnish output looks fine. As I don't see anything in my program that could cause this I asked in the #golang #xmpp room. Let's see if someone has a good idea.
@mdom is this a known #txtnish issue what happend with @kas vs @kasdk or again some weirdness in my stack?
@kas (re expanding) that probably was #txtnish then.
@kas (re kas/kasdk matching) What do you mean by 'it'? Twtxt? Txtnish? For my bot I actually wanted this behavior when filtering for mentions to also find @mdosch., @mdosch, or (@mdosch). Maybe I should limit it to ignore ...
@kas Indeed, it looks like my bot is doing something wrong. I just wonder why as I didn't have problems with special characters or even emoji before...
@kas It also looks mangled if I post it myself. So the problem seems to be on my side. *sigh*
@kas I don't know. I will check what txtnish output in the terminal looks like. Right now I only access #twtxt via my #xmpp bot.
@kasdk looks something went wrong with your last tweet: >!C(MISSING)3%!A(MISSING)6vnd%!C(MISSING)3%!B(MISSING)8gn
@kas I probably get a slightly-suboptimal lossily-compressed image. Or maybe I get the same image that I would have had I not bothered to give it a preset hint.
@kas <picture> is pretty great, but there’s no equivalent widely-available functionality for background images, which is a real pity. Just imagine β€” hero images that take up half the space!
@kas (re: Usenet) I guess Groups is just easy to find on search engines and gives a more modern UI for NNTP. I have never found any alternatives for it.
@kas I do still read some newsgroups like comp.lang.python or uk.railway, but most of them are still active via Google Groups.
@kas So somewhat similar to postfix then.. Well I managed that ok. Maybe I'll giv it another look. Thanks
@kas How much of a hastle was setting up INN. I'm no stranger to server set-ups but the few times I've pondered it it seemed a bit complicated (tho that would be year and years ago)?
@kas I tried to get on NNTP in about 2014-15... I managed to read posts, but I couldn't actually join in. Didn't really have much luck in general.
@kas I fire up tin to read from from time to time.. but definitely not like the early days. I had soo many good conversation on NNTP back in the day. Hopefully it'll find a niche like gopher seems to have.
@kas I use NNTP out of naustalgia from time to time but it is hard to find really good free NNTP servers like back when NNTP was a thing and before it was poluted by binaries.
Thanks for the heads up @kas, I think I solved all the timestamp issues, I just need to find an easier way to do it
@kas @mdosch He ought to switch to one-line fortunes if he can. I don’t want to have to wait a day to get the punch line to a joke.
@kas (re fortunes) The operator changed it to daily. πŸ˜ƒ
@kas Sorry, i haven't tested the build-script, should be fixed now #termpub
@kas Hi, and thank you! Been wanting to join for awhile, finally got here :)
@kas sorry, was doing some interactive testing. it seems we actually introduced deadlock in @twet @gbmor :/
@kas sure, feel free! I'm new to twtxt so I'm not sure what other resources are out there.
@kas Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it and added you to the registry.
@kas, finally I found the time to look at these links. All these fucking websites are awesome. :D
@kas , Cool thanks for sharing Shizaru
@kas (re: freeyourbrain) What the f*ck am I reading here?
@kas (re: cats) Thanks ! I can't wait ! We will welcome her at the end of the month :)
@kas (re: glyph) Looks like a cuneiform inscription.
@kas (re: rosaelefanten) I mean the twtxt file - URI for following: He wrote, that he is changing servers, a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I use retawq regularly - I use the binary fr...
@kas (re: rosaelefanten) The site is reachable through retawq, FWIW.
@kas I can not connect to the URL you mention either.
@kas My following file has the URI as but that 404s
@kas Nope, i can't reach the server either
@kas [kibrit] I'm working on it. just tested on local. It will be on soon
@kas : Yes I am, Thanks ! And sorry again...
@kas : Shit, sorry, misswrote my command and didn't check :/ It's stopped. Sorry
@kas re:hyphenation That article motivated me to add hyphenation to termpub. Though i'm using the greedy algorithm currently.
@kas Sounds like it'll be loads of fun. Malls, sports bars, Etc Etc, You could really drive people batty at an Off track betting place.. lol (I'd exit the premisis quickly on that last one)
@kas Very cool re: wiPhone.. I'll have to check that out more when I have a bit of time,
@kas Re: liberland. Blank page for me. Guess people with text base browsers aren't invited. (Even viewing the source doesn't help. :(
@kas adiabatic. My insulin levels are self-regulating and not too high.
@kas (RE : PGP word list) Really interesting, thank you !
@kas (re: freemor) What ? No I don't, I just use twtxt normally and use the timeline command :/
@kas Thanks for the heads up. Fixed, bad regex on a rule.
@kas now that I understand fish enough to port over the contents of my .bashrc and .bash_profile, I’m starting to get used to it. How’s having different shell preferences for login/interactive treating you?
@kas (re: binpop) :D
@kas (Re: cnumpop) gopher:// /
@kas I wanted to like Kakoune but I liked having my option key not be an alt key more. Shame, really.
@kas (re: Eternal Jukebox) Glad you liked it ! :D
@kas @mdom Happy twtxt celebration!
Happy twtxtday @kas ! :D
@kas Woah, you're right! My anniversary is on wednesday.
@kas: RE: nexxo: I totally agree ! :D
@kas @metamurks: RE: nexxo: As I understood it, they understood the problem that people had trouble at organizing for protests, and they wanted to make that easier to gather people. I'...
@kas (re: jrnl) You're right ... :-/
@kas Re: NGI Great idea but that sites makes my brain hurt with all the promotional speak and the total lack of whitepaper/RFC/Etc. type documentation. I'll keep an eye on it tho.
@kas RE: tfc: I'm amazed it is still being worked on. are there any story of people actually using tfc?
@kas I’m not discouraged at all. I now know to choose sleep at 8 PM instead of coffee. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and just sleep the whole night through.
@kas I should have gone for the two-hour nap (to a first approximation, I can’t powernap). Ended up going to bed at 5 without having had a two-hour nap previously. Failed experiments are the price of knowledge, I guess.
@kas Thanks for the infos !
@kas Hm... I'll have to try that then :)
@kas powernapping works ? I think I would just waste more time getting operational again after waking up x)
@kas I fell in love with ssh tunnels years ago. Who needs a VPN when you got SSH.
@kas, thank you, I really appreciate that :) I wanted to do a great job writing about twtxt so if you think I did then it makes me happy :D
@kas: Reg. Gajim: Does setting env. variable GDK_DPI_SCALE=2 help?
@kas Advantage of hashing the phone # (especially with something strong like PBKDF2) Would be that people feel more comfortable that this wasn't just a way to collect a ton of phone #s
@kas to (1) he explained that phone numbers are too predictable to have any advantage by hashing and I don't understand (2) as this might be a step to increase the xmpp user base.
@kas Thanks for the heads up on those Ted talks.. Look interesting, will definitely have to give them a gander.
@kas I forgot a DNS record πŸ™ˆ
@kas (re: feed) unfortunately it just features the first line of articles
@kas (re: feed) unfortunately it just features the first line of articles
@kas (re: feed) fingers crossed, it will be implemented soon
@kas (re: feed) fingers crossed, it will be implemented soon
@kas Did more digging after your response Seems to have something to do with the cipher suite. If I go bare bones FF based browser it works. anything with hardened prefs seems to fail.
@kas I emailed the author, RSS/Atom feed is missing, this is a must-have for a website, especially with a lower uptime
@kas I emailed the author, RSS/Atom feed is missing, this is a must-have for a website, especially with a lower uptime
@kas nice read, funny they use jquery just to show the battery level with the bg color: it's the biggest file on the page.
@kas nice read, funny they use jquery just to show the battery level with the bg color: it's the biggest file on the page.
@kas Re: email security grader.. xlink -> invalid cert (can't load), ok try w3m -> invalid cert. Ok proceed anyway -> screen of raw HTML. I'm gonna trust these guys to tell me if my email is secure?
@kas the only thing I can think is that people are finally re-figuring out that static sites are really fast because the content doesn't need to generated on the fly. I noticed there were a lot of static content generators...
@kas Woohoo! then my website is way ahead of the curve.. (agreed he must be young.)
@kas WTF! That's a good one.
@kas: nevermind, found it @
@kas: What is dat://?
@kas Thanks for #hugo awards. All books for best novel were really good this year, but I somehow missed Six Wakes ... sound great!
@kas Re: Dweb - JS, WebRTC, P2P.. G'aaaa! It seems like a lot of wasted cycles/bandwidth/etc Just to save users from having to forward ports 80 and 443 (or any port for that matter if they know hot to :<port>)
@kas Have to say the peertube is intersting. Too bad I don't have a serveto play with it.
@kas (re πŸͺπŸ₯›) THX for
@kas Have you done something with nncp? I like the idea, but somehow i don't find a use case for it... :)
@kas (re: cjdns) Thank your for the clarification :-)
@kas (re: dat) It seems that all the fun happens at NodeJS: ssb, cjdns, dat.
@kas the folks don't seem to understand whynocloudflare :/
@kas thanks for that link. Thats a pretty neat thing.
@kas mano sounds interesting but 0 links to any software (at least with a txt browser.. I'll check with a js thinggy)
@kas (re pmOS) I'd love to have a 'real' Linux in my phone. The closest was when I was using #SailfishOS.
@kas (re #hooktube) nice. 😎 Let's see if this addon works:
@kas, my "home airport" is No 5. πŸ˜€ Actually I like munich airport. The higher ranked ones I have not visited so far. #muc
@kas [maloya] I lived in Reunion 16 years. this island will be always in my heart
@kas (re: numpop) whoa, nice! I think my best is still 400 or 500-something, though I did have a bot break 4k
@kas (re: MS acquires GitHub) always #gafam, #gafam always...
@kas thanks, and sure you can!
@kas Thanks for posting the Rockweed atricle. Interesting read. Especially for a east coast Techie like me.
@kas not as far as I know but @skingrapher txtnish keeps picking up the old URL from someplace and sticking it back in his following file.
@kas OEIS is great fun. i remember ages ago playing "guess the sequence" on IRC, taking turns posting sequences and trying to work out the pattern
@freemor @kas (re revert internet) That would be awesome. πŸ˜€
@skingrapher @kas with sites like that it's not surprising that there is a resurgence of Gopher.
@freemor @kas re: whatif... non-viewable without JS... with JS too and blocked cookies: only a blank page
@kas re: whatif... a site totally non-viewable without JS, that spells loose wrong and that only seems to have 3 services. For something that is clearly an important conversation, Could be better.
@kas (re #OSH) Switching shells is the reason that I started deploying scripts in /usr/local/bin rather than defining aliases. :D Tested #bash #ksh #fish and #zsh and the latter it is now for years already.
@kas (re #OSH) thx, very interesting. But I'll stick with #ZSH as I am in group 1:
@freemor @kas (re blloc) Uh they are sponsored by German authorities.
@kas Yes, also it doesn't work at all with JS disabled. All you see is a blank page...
@kas, I didn't think you are affiliated with it. Just wondered as I didn't see what was special about it but I had to use a search engine to find out that the OS is Android. :D
@kas (re blloc) Seems to be just another android phone.
@kas Reform DIY looks interesting hope the price comes in at a good range.
@kas Thanks for the communication link!
@kas I've been mulling the the whole serverless E2E IM thing. (trying to keep in mind non tech savvy users) and the problem keeps coming down to rendevouz for NAT'd/Gateway'd clients.
@kas I looked at Rumble too but figured I'd have the same issue as I'm quite rural and not in a very tech savvy place.
@kas, @freemor (re: Matrix/TOX/P2P): Uh, never heard of #rumble or #scuttlebutt. Will have to look into it at some time.
@kas @freemor (re: Matrix) I'm not convinced of P2P for messaging as it usually drains the battery of your mobile.
@kas @freemor (re: Matrix) Me prefers #xmpp too. My tests with #matrix and #tox were all unsatisfying.
@kas (re WFC) yeah :( but there's plenty of forks, and the algorithm from the README doesn't sound *too* bad to try reimplementing, so I might give it a shot some weekend
@kas, nice. But do they support #dnscrypt at
@kas git-dit definitely looks interesting. Might be nice if that caught on
@kas just had the time to watch: The Codes of Gender (2010) β– - Excellent! Thanks of posting it.
@kas Proseline reminds me of
@kas I have seen the pro-lignan material, however, statements such as 'in males consumption of flaxseed will likely reduce testosterone in doses higher than 2 tablespoons per day. In women there seems to be no concern and ...
@kas Soy, flax, and chia seeds are the most hormonal of foods. In particularly they contain a heavy dose of lignans, a type of plant estrogen. As a middle-age male, I avoid all three.
@kas except for the flax, I will give this mix a try! thanks man
@kas joined the #twtxt #xmpp room and doubled the amount of users. :D
RT @kas $NO_COLOR #CLI ⌘
@kas, but I don't know about #bornholm. Maybe you mistake me with someone else?
@kas, sure you can. But so far I am also not overactive here. :D
@kas yes indeed it would.. let me change that.
Discoverability suggestion ammeded to include @kas's suggestion about metadata and to change to filename to follow @mdom's existing we-are-twtxt.txt format
@kas Thanks for noting that. I was aiming for wearetwt.txt (it was typed late at night. I'll edit it in a bit once I get some coffee in me)
@kas So, which ukulele did you buy? If you need a tutorial, i really enjoy <>.
@kas Yes, odd indeed it's the same for me even I have to use the keybase:// URL to clone it.
@kas I doubt it'll work but feel free to try a push
@kas Thanks. and cool means that I can have semi public Git Repos there (semi public because people would need keybase).
@kas or other keybasers that are interested, can you try: git clone keybase://public/freemor/pubgit.git and let me know if it works. Trying to see if public git repos are possible. Thnks
@kas Some of them are still evolving like kbRead. so ya might want to check back in every now and then.
@kas you can find them in my public keybase folder under Keybase_scripts if you want to take a look.
@kas I made my own scripts for running/building/etc keybase so mine mounts to ~/keybase
@kas @quite I have the same. I make steel cut oats in 5 minutes (+up/down). It's amazing. Chicken stock in about an hour.
@kas Pressure cooking... you doing it? What kind of pot?
@kas I'm so bad at tuning by ear. I have a tuner that just shows me if i hit the tight tone... :)
@tomasino (re: server logs) Some twtxt clients set the username in the User-Agent header, e.g.: β€œPytGet/0.1.0 (+; @kas)”
sure @kas :) thanks @mdom! @pete \o
@kas I paid 170 Euros with bag, but if you're a beginner i would buy a something for between 50 and 100 Euros. Just don't by the cheap ones
@kas Not sure about the size though. The most known is sopran but i started with concert and still thought it was too small. #ukelele
@kas - do you know where @tokipana is hosted? I can't find the twtxt file
@kas Thanks! I'll do that