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@kdave do you want a subdomain of
@kdave I can see if I can create a version, which tries to store the info, and falls back to cookies or no storage at all.
@kdave does the localstorage version not work in your fav. browser?
@kdave ah .. missread your message. What alternative way would you use for the web version? I would like to store the info within a config file, too. E.g. the twtxt.txt itself as meta data.
@kdave works with localstorage already in the browser. (for following users)
@kdave I don't think, it's necessary to merge http+https. People can add themself only with https. /cc @david
Implemented suggestion to ignore protocol:// in searching for user urls/mentions in my ping endpoint. cheers @quite @mdom @kdave
@kdave My TwTxt feed is fixed now.
@kdave for completeness, there are a small number in which are not in reednj
@kdave the gateway has a whitelist of usernames atm, to stop it from getting flooded
@kdave i've been working on a rewrite in Haskell