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@mdom Not sure, wasn't aware it could! I might try it later, but for now I'm improving @quite's twet
@mdom What do you mean by fzf?
@mdom The last tweet regarding #txtnish should point at you not @kas Sorry. 😔
@mdom @lucidiot : I answered with a possible solution
@mdom The news site at gopher:// is really cool. How did you make it?
@mdom (re txtnish) Looks good now. Thx!
@kasdk I am testing the txtnish fix from @mdom.
@mdom re: morepub, looks like nice work. I'm always looking for stuff to read e-pubs in the VT.
@mdom I will file an issue.
@mdom is this a known #txtnish issue what happend with @kas vs @kasdk or again some weirdness in my stack?
@mdom thanks for #termpub
@mdom (re: termpub) No sweat. Thanks for fixing it so fast.
@mdom (re: rosaelefanten) thanks!
@mdom (re: hyphenation) Thanks for mentioning termpub; I hadn't noticed that project before. Looks useful!
@mdom, time flies like a banana!
@mdom Here is my build.log
@mdom I first tried installing all deps via the cpan command, which, except for curses-1.36, worked perfectly.
@mdom (re: powernapping) always!!
@mdom I got it. For some reason I had to install libcurses-perl from Debians package manager.
@mdom Termpub installation currently fails on my system, the curses module dependency cannot be installed.
@mdom my own custom client I wrote, I use cron to run the update my timeline every 20 mins. My update process also processes 10 curl calls at time. I did that to save time when I poll everyone.
@sdk, @mdom (re: following) or have a separate file with followees.
@mdom metadata is there now. I was one commit behind.
@mdom Or limit the the amount and use random 10 followers or so...
@mdom did you think about not putting all followers into the twtxt file, but a URL to a follower list? Think performance. If the network grows to 10000 users, you'd have 10000 extra lines in each twtxt file.
@mdom Nice! *activated*
@mdom That's interesting. So does txtnish read that metadata? or would an end user just look at the file to see it? Is the meta data going to be the standard?
@mdom what metadata feature is that?
@mdom Shall we have an additional twtxt list: we-are-onion.txt? I'm here http://codevoid4p3lowez.onion/?q=twtxt
@mdom: I'm using txtnish on FreeBSD and I had to switch it to gawk (not sure why BSD awk fails) and disable color. Just fyi. I didn't look into it any further.
@mdom (re: nncp) Same here. I find the concept interesting, but I don't know what to use it for. Oh, and I also guess I got nostalgic because the name resembles UUCP. ;)
@mdom '* kas (56.9047 seconds ago) [tls]' Oh that precision. 😁
Increased the limit in my twtxt botconfig to 280. @mdom, is there actually a limit for #txtnish? Didn't see a config for this.
@mdom if you can read this my bot works with #txtnish. :D
@mdom found it: formatter=cat 😃
@mdom is there a way to prevent txtnish from inserting linebreaks within the tweet?
@mdom I think txtnish might have some bugs with parsing at-mentions
Hey @mdom! I'm new to twtxt. Nice to meet you!
@mdom It certainly does. I find in my currenting pairing, it doesn't work well and to be brutal I do 10x the work without them.
Discoverability suggestion ammeded to include @kas's suggestion about metadata and to change to filename to follow @mdom's existing we-are-twtxt.txt format
@mdom would the client then try to pull your timeline from all the URLs? or Default to the bottom most (most recently added) alias?
@mdom Like the alias idea. Could just insert: . http://new/ directly beneath: mdom
@mdom I went for a Kala Ebony Tenor, like this one: Thanks for the uku-URL! :)
@mdom I'll look at it, ty :) my server was running with 100% CPU for some times
@mdom I'll look at it, ty :) my server was running with 100% CPU for some times
@mdom there are some symetric cyphers that dont add too much. I liiked at this ages ago trying to figure out a way to encrypt SMSs without making them huge.
@mdom I also bought a tuner to clip on the headstock, but it turned out my tuning by ear was perfect. For some reason I find the tuning of the C string more difficult than the others, though. Go figure…
sure @kas :) thanks @mdom! @pete \o
@mdom (re: ukulele) I've been wathcing some videos on uke sizes on YouTube — I think tenor is the size for me, too.
@mdom (re: ukulele) €170 is ok. Now I know what price range to look for, thanks.
@mdom I've been thinking of taking up ukulele, how much did you pay for your Kala?
@mdom Congrats. I need to get me one of those.
@mdom the client software would handle thing like menus, etc. I was sketching out the minimal file structure. Far from perfect I'm sure
@mdom. cheers! I posted a comment there with a link to :p
@mdom Yes, allready seen your comment. Will send you a PR as soon as I'm sure to keep this thing alive. Chances are good!
@mdom thx.
@mdom greetings! @quite - no worries, it happens. I typically manually maintain all the systems based on txt files :D
@mdom yeah, the population of less than fifty persons on the list allows us to greet anyone new with true passion ;)
@mdom I get the error: awk: extra ] at source line 35
@mdomI'm not sure I know how to reply properly with it. I handeded edit this to be right.
@mdom I am playing with the txtnish client, all the systems I have available are running an old version of Python
@mdom Second one: Opps.. seems you figured that out already.. Guess I should read the whole feed before tweeting
@mdom Super Dimentional Fortress. From Macross aka Robotech. (
@mdom I'll let people on SDF know about the soft limit, also sent an email to felix about the spec
@mdom second one, Super Dimension Fortress :)
@mdom second one, Super Dimension Fortress :)
@mdom Yea, I've had similar fun tracking down contact for compromised servers (almost always wordpress) after picking apart malspam that hits my mail server.
@mdom, I have got a smallish patch for you on GH. Maybe it helps others too.
Finally managed to build a Debian package for txtnish. @mdom should I pull it to the repository or something?
@mdom unfortunately, its Android client isn't usable at all (it feels like a simple web app loaded in a browser activity, it's also sluggish). The desktop client is built with Electron, which is another minus. An...
@mdom Congrats on Both.. Hope they both add up to a happy and joyfull life.
@skingrapher [to @mdom new daughter] welcome to the real world, Neo :)
@mdom [to your new daughter] welcome in the real world ❤ ❤ ❤
Congrats, @mdom! Sounds like you will be pretty busy for the next couple decades. :D
@mdom congrats on your new home and may the Force be with your daughter! :)
@mdom got a link to the changelog post? Or was it email only?
@mdom I've sent a pull request to the GitHub repository :)
@mdom thanks :-)
@mdom I never realised awk was a full language :o
@pete, @mdom: There's also — a shell script that runs locally and checks your TLS. Works for other protocols than HTTPS, too.
@reednj @mdom @durcheinandr gopher doesn't have
oh looks like @kas is using the @mdom metadata as well :) Looks like we have a standard haha
@mdom txt files hosted on now use your metadata format :)
@mdom (re: group of devs) LOL :))
@mdom Urgh, yes, I didn't see the price tag before posting. That's definitely out of question. The final price would be appr. twice as much with VAT and import tax if I were to buy it. Darn.
@mdom I like the idea of a file which shows the twtxt <-> irc <-> github relationship. A similar functionality is provided by keybase.
@mdom mentioned which showed me some replies I had missed
@mdom is no-one using a command line client to follow users? Are they only being used to post?
@mdom yeah the bots make /timeline/all not that nice to read, but I think the solution is to allow following users when logged in, so you have your own timeline
@mdom Haha. I'm honored.
very cool! - txtnish got the pre_tweet_hook added! Thanks @mdom
Totally copying @mdom's twtxt banner.
@mdom (re: The Interpreter) Long, but worthwhile read. I think I've read it before, but re-reading it was good. Amazing stuff!
@mdom I guess that's the cost of wanting to verify streams.
@mdom … I'd rather see a metadata link to the signature. The signature itself could be a GPG signed file with e.g. the SHA512 has of the twtxt file.
@mdom … I'd rather see a metadata link to the signature. The signature itself could be a GPG signed file with e.g. the SHA512 has of the twtxt file.
@mdom The metadata looks fine. I'm still opposed to the signature, though. If poeple start using non-timestamped, non-commented lines for other purposes, we will slowly but surely move away from KISS …
@mdom I don't get the purpose of the .gz files though? It's so they can be distributed peer to peer style?
@mdom (re: metadata) I like your format. I think I will add this to the local feeds on
@mdom (re: 8ball) too bad :/ maybe because I didn't use the full @ format what the url?
@mdom no its not possible to do from the interface, but I can do that for you
@mdom Buku came up in my research, but I'll take a closer look on your reccommendation.
@mdom Test post_receive_tweet_hook ;)
@mdom there's about half a dozen dead users unfortunately
@mdom (re: @mention) Haha! :)
@mdom (re: #Scuttlebutt) Done!
@mdom (re: awk) thanks for the pdf-link. Great book and since 1 year in my bookshelf
@mdom Yes, we are already distributing twtxt over HTTP/S. DAT would just be another protocol (and another server to run). Which is ok, but we don't gain anything per se.
@mdom Scuttlebot doesn't need a central server. You can add peers manually, if you want. If my SSB wants to exchange info with yours, they can do so without a middleman (but we need to be able to exchange connect...
@mdom I guess DAT and IPFS are more alike. Scuttlebot is a different creature.
@mdom Scuttlebot is append-only: you cannot delete. Also, Scuttlebot doesn't use DHT. Nothing is centralized. Updates are fetched/shared automatically. And you can have private/encrypted sharing/messaging.
@mdom (re: github) I am working on a helper to clone an statically serve all repos/stars with stagit and python
@mdom (re: github) I am working on a helper to clone an statically serve all repos/stars with stagit and python
@mdom (re: DAT) I haven't, but it does. I will look at it later.
@mdom, then I realized I forgot to 'make install'
@mdom funny that when I did 'txtnish --help' I got both an error and the expected behaviour :)
@mdom, then I realized I forgot to 'make install'
@mdom funny that when I did 'txtnish --help' I got both an error and the expected behaviour :)
@mdom thx! looks like theres been plenty of innovation while I've been away
@mdom I toggle to sysvinit and alsa every time I install #debian with a lightweight WM
@mdom (re: fragments) Then I think the original datetime should be used as a fragment. First and foremost because in HTML the fragment should be identical to the anchor, and secondly because it will allow humans ...
@mdom The thing is: By the time a twtxt client want to use fragments, the original timestamp may long have been converted to UTC for easier sorting of all lines. And, re fragments, is ‘:’ URL safe?
@kas my current username is Monday, oh I remember now, I've found twtxt in your public repo list after you linked qtime :) FYI @mdom
@mdom I'm from ZeroNet, don't remember exactly how, but I think I've followed someone who wrote about that.
@mdom (re: fragments) Sounds ok to me (I'm not sure wheter I will use it, though). I haven't looked up the fragments specs — isn't it possible to use the original timestamp (seconds since epoch is probably better...
Does anybody have a opinion about linking to single tweets via the mention syntax like #1490894860' href='/user/at/2561d43a72b750689?n=mdom'>@mdom?
@mdom its just here in my apartment for the time being. Im going to bring it to a hackathon next month.
@dave @mdom checkout this fork I made for fun
@dave @mdom checkout this fork I made for fun
@mdom I kind of expected NO-BREAK SPACE to ‘bind together’ two words, the same way ‘&nbsp;’ keeps two words at the same line in HTML.
@mdom, @kas, etc. Thanks for all the great work on #Txtnish
@mdom (re: movie) There are for sure better movies and acting isn't a highlight, but I love the athmosphere which reminds me often of Gibson and Stephenson
@mdom (re: news) Current news from different newssources. Algorythmns tend to be not neutral, on the other hand a little bit scoring will be okay
@mdom (re: news) for exactly that site I seek for an alternative (in german language and with other newssources than "Bild" and "Focus" on the frontpage #filterbubble
@mdom It seems the hack only works with certain models of the Kobo — and not with mine. :/
@mdom re:collapsing Are you referring to mention collapsing? Because it does on the reednj website
@mdom Darn, ‘kasn’ should have been ‘kas{LF}’…
@mdom Time-sensitive metadata could be relevant if you wish to tell the world that you're following someone now: “#{WS*}{RFC3339}{WS+}Following @<nick uri>”.
@mdom At the top I would have “# nick = kasn# url =” or “# nick = @kas”.
@mdom, @benaiah I think it would be human friendly if feed-related metadata (nick, followers, archive, whatever – i.e., if the metadata is not time-sensitive) is at the top. Time-se...
@mdom 6D372F7D 05F165CF 9D3BF3C1 5A92E641 FEC38D82
@mdom (re: smokesignal) awesome!
@mdom 6D372F7D 05F165CF 9D3BF3C1 5A92E641 FEC38D82
@mdom You work there?
@mdom (re: smokesignal) Haha, cool! :)
@mdom (re: smokesignal) awesome!
@mdom (re: F) Yes, but I would like an option to start less(1) in that mode.
@mdom, @benaiah (re: maxlen) or just “no max length; be aware that some clients may choose to truncate lines at 140 chars”.
@mdom, @kas re: metadata, I'm (obviously) in favor of my suggestion for metadata-in-comments, but I don't think we should have comments _in_ comments.
@mdom, @dave, @kas I agree with the "no max length; show at least 140chars" idea.
@mdom (re: metadata) Yes, comments above a metadata line should be sufficient. I didn't think it through.
@mdom It just seems like extra complexity for no real benefit. Not very 'hackerish' in my opinion.
@mdom On the other hand, we could just specify that the timestamp has to be UTC, and eliminate a lot o
@mdom On the one hand, twtxt is just a timestamp and message per line. It's so easy *anybody* can do i
@mdom It's just a timestamp and message per line. It's human-readable. It should be easy to create *an
@mdom If we can specify RFC 3339 in the spec, can't we specify a timestamp format that is easy to pars
@mdom (re: metadata) A client should probably be forgiving enough to accept ±SPACE around ‘=’ and also consider the possibility of a comment at the end of a metadata line.
@mdom (re: metadata) That is effectively 1. ‘#’ is the comment char 2. Metadata lines are commented lines in ‘key = val’ format. Right? It does break the specs (that doesn't talk about commented lines), but clien...
@mdom.. agreedabout the simplicity of #twtxt. I think moving away from basic http would be a mistake because then it looses it's spectacular simplicity and distributed nautre
@mdom (re: GNU Social CLIent) Same thing happened here, although I got as far as installing a Webfinger server. ;)
@mdom In my experience it is people unwilling to move away from FB, GOOG, etc. The see the problem.. but basically don't care
@mdom It is. I rum my own mail, mumble, XMPP, web, servers. I have no accounts on any of the major platforms. It is most definitely do-able.
@mdom I think we need to focus on giving users better alternatives. I feel that frustration, though.
@mdom Sure, it needs fixing in the client — everything else would be quixotic. But I needed to know the original charset, so I aksed @skingrapher. (This was before I discovered ...
@mdom Intreresting article but far to pessemistic. It is still possible to take back control. run your own servers, Use freedom respecting laternatives. etc.
@mdom Reminds me of the Stallman/Raymond debates in the 90s.
@mdom Just download the updates from your bot, strip the last message text off and feed it to txtnish.
@mdom mostly for fun, but once I have it working more it'll get integrated into
@mdom Sure, you can add me to the list. There's a howto for telegram --
@mdom @freemor test demo:!
@mdom @freemor test demo:!
@mdom Ack! the return of the dreaded <blink> tag. :D
@mdom Serious? Blinking?
@mdom just written a php file to format the twtfile into html #twi
htmlTimeline_txtnish now uses #txtnish to generate both pages thanks to new features in #txtnish. Thanks @mdom
@mdom Also, yes, I get " f o o "
@mdom and Im on OSX 10.11.5, for the record. Thank you.
@mdom Though now neither twtxt nor txtnish are displaying timelines or individual feeds. Investigating.
@mdom That fixed it.
@mdom Excellent.. now I can stay up-to-date without pinging the heck out of we-are-twtxt :) Adding it to my crontab
@mdom Thanks... pulled.
@mdom cool but did you forget to commit.. git pull says I'm up-to-date. :)
@mdom yep 6c20382 look pretty much like what I was thinking.. I was just thinking as a command for a cron job: txtnish sync-following instead of every time.
@mdom Looks like I'm a bitt behind on what features txtnish has.. I'll have to catch up.. but meant syncing with we-are-twtxt once a week/monthy/etc
@mdom Oh I am so gonna loose the @bullseye contest. Unless over 140 wins.
@mdom thanks for catching that. Wasn't paying attention when I pasted it.
@mdom thanks for the link.. I'm still waiting for an IAAL to weight in. I've considered the problem more as an unintended consequence of the change (which can happen with legal stuff).
@mdom (re: Will twtxt take over the world?) Better not tell you now
@mdom (re: Do we need a magie 8ball for twtxt?) Yes
@mdom Perfect! I will test the "Ok google search..."-fun at the next steaky day
@mdom @durcheinandr yes, rdr just extract content of the articles
@mdom @kas thanks! I was checking access logs on nginx and noticed a bunch of 404s to my twtxt url, so I decided to pick it back up.
@mdom @durcheinandr yes, rdr just extract content of the articles
@mdom Thanks for the n-gate link.. added the RSS to newsbeuter
@mdom for #twtxt propaganda a webpage (like we-are-twtxt) with a collection of links, tipps, tricks and possibilities would be useful. More and better information will speak for itself
@mdom fixed the missing header
@mdom Still needs some work but i think i'm going to put it on github tonight.
@mdom fixed the missing header
@mdom in example.config is a small typo: descinding
@mdom thanks for the update
@mdom For redirects - You could put a flag in the Timeline like [tls] but [redirected to: URL please update with: Command to fix following]
@mdom I would invest some time in writing a vim syntax file for #twtxt.
@mdom perfect, txtnish is a lot more readable now
@mdom perfect, txtnish is a lot more readable now
@mdom Thanks for the reltive times o/
@mdom I see. Would be nice if all clients support signed files at some point.
@mdom Yes, mainly because it supports pgp clearsigning which i still don't use :-)
@mdom trying async requests/parsing in nodejs... used to despise it but I have some fun with it now
@mdom shouldn't dns resolving be cached by the OS?
@mdom trying async requests/parsing in nodejs... used to despise it but I have some fun with it now
@mdom shouldn't dns resolving be cached by the OS?
@mdom thanks for the sh -x. because twtxt.txt file is local, no post_hook needed usually.. so yes it signed it and the promptly deleted the signed file
Thanks @mdom. Was fiddling around with the Nginx config. :)
Thanks @mdom. Was fiddling around with the Nginx config. :)
@mdom ii is nice, but not great for 1 liners. also is worth running 24/7
@mdom ii is nice, but not great for 1 liners. also is worth running 24/7
@mdom and I find the announcements useful not annoying
@mdom all the work on #txtnish sounds really good. I'll have to give it a go this coming week.
@mdom yep, quiet indeed
@mdom sure
@mdom the zsh-completion is still very, very basic - just expands commands
@mdom thanks for the correction! And yes, BGKO is very good!
#b0c52689432747ee7f332bd8b16584d46eb3a510' href='/user/at/2c2389e442c65aed1?n=mdom'>@mdom clearsigning is nice but I do miss the append-only nature of twxt.txt...
@mdom the tag search in roster is supposed to match prefix or full word?
@mdom cool thanks! I've temporarily increased the timeout to 20, now at 8, 5 seems too occasionally fail
@mdom chipotle en adobo is good stuff! But, Spargelzeit, nicht wahr? :)
@mdom do you create 40mb traffic with 304 Not modified responses or do you fetch the entire resource?