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@mdosch Can't find anything in the moderation or spam queue. Have you solved the text captcha correctly? Usually an email is being sent upon every comment, so far only one comment email for my post.
@mdosch thanks! i'll take a look!
@mdosch I was responding to a comment by @cmaughan
@mdosch heh. thanks for confirming that i'm neither losing it nor being MITM hijacked. Odd error though.
@mdosch That's weird, I just tested with #txtnish and I can see my posts there.
@mdosch that would be great! i thought i had the audio working for a second but then i didn't
@mdosch still trying to sort some things out with that setup tho (adjusting brightness, volume, suspending, etc) so it might be a lil while until i'm fully moved over
@mdosch yeah i love how little i touch the mouse/touchpad when i'm on i3
@mdosch It should be noted that IRC is federated (servers talk to servers) just not across "IRC Networks". And XMPP does sometimes require bouncers (just server side) to deal with spambots and asshats that will exploit you...
@mdosch oh, that’s good.
@mdosch I'm a big fan of XMPP too. Ran my own server for years. Guess I just see XMPP and IRC as two different things. XMPP -> Hanging with friends, IRC -> local pub/comminuty center/coffee shop
@mdosch I also use #IRC extensively. Much more than any other digital communication medium.
@kas @mdosch He ought to switch to one-line fortunes if he can. I don’t want to have to wait a day to get the punch line to a joke.
@mdosch Fortunes?
@mdosch @freemor I have an instance of TheLounge IRC client that
@mdosch WeeChat lets me use IRC mobile. Have an instance on my home server running 24/7 that I can connect to with either SSH or a weechat mobile client. (in my case mostly SSH) But the mobile client is nice. I just no lon...
@mdosch thanks, I will check it out when I get a moment. Seems like the IRC #twtxt channel is pretty quiet as well.
@mdosch Only the hardware of course, not the software. Probably I used the wrong term.
@mdosch it looks like liberapay needs some public relations consulting lol
@mdosch Or maybe I should get a real Linux machine again. Currently using WSL under Windows 10, mainly as development environment.
@mdosch I’ve tried to play games on my phone and iPad but none of the games I’ve ever played on them seem to stick. I’ve had fun — briefly — with Threes and FTL and Really Bad Chess and so forth, but I don’t seem to stick ...
@freemor You can also send your location to using #xmpp
@mdosch not dead yet.
@mdosch (re: Quicksy (1)) I pretty much agree with what @freemor wrote about using raw phonenumbers: Then we'd know that Quicksy is not just about collecting a ton of phon...
@mdosch (re: (2)) A very small percentage of all people I have in my addressbook are using XMPP. Even if all XMPP users in the world registered their JIDs and phonenumbers with Quicksy, I'm pretty sure ...
@mdosch (re: I like the concept, but (1) they ought to store the hash of your phonenumber instead of your phonenumber, and (2) I wonder if the entire global XMPP user base is big enough to be useful fo...
@mdosch: Hmm fgallery relies on javascript, which is something I try to avoid.
@mdosch Yep, I'm in the same boat. Laptop doesn't even have a webcam, I'm not on any social media accounts (that they clain to hav stolem contacts from) etc.
@mdosch my xmpp client also keeps saying ‘remote server not found’.
@mdosch still no luck. XMPP service detection however works for Think I'll just wait untill tomorrow.
@mdosch can't access your #twtxt muc anymore, no route to host.
@mdosch: Yes. I first thought gopher would be a good protocol for this purpose. But HTTP has the advantage, that you don't always need to fetch the whole file. You can do a HEAD and check for last-modified header.
@mdosch: Yes, #txtnish uses curl and can therefore handle all curl supported protocols.
@mdosch @tux0r I couldn't live without vi/vim. Its always one of my first installs on a new system. For me "Using vim is a lifestyle" :)
@mdosch (re: https) I'm not against HTTPS: it was interesting to see another perspective aside the "Global North".
@mdosch (re: ubuntu) Like I said: have shot myself in the foot: I'm too lazy to dig through all the systemd and nm madness to get the network up and running, so it will be a fresh install.
@mdosch (re: ubuntu) The laptop got really warm (top was like ~20.00 ~18.00 ~16.00) and the disk was spinning like crazy plus no real interaction was possible anymore on X11: killed off the upgrade progress, which left me ...
Oh, has run out of weather queries. I hope that's not caused by 🙄
@mdosch (re: pmOS) A ‘real’ Linux on the phone, I second that!
@mdosch (re: airports) cool! I've been to Changi/Singapore (although not for sleeping), it's an amazing airport.
Built a little #xmpp bot that queries Just try:
@mdosch re:404's Yep that and a lot more. I have a script that blocks IP's doing malicious stuff. You can see the breakdown by country
@mdosch @freemor (re: fall back) it's ok now
Hi @mdosch! I saw your txt on -- how else can one see replies?
@mdosch @skingrapher Might be fixed now... forgot to update the metadata in my twtxt.txt file
@mdosch you and skingrapher both. (Re: falling back). Re: mpv - now that I know -vo drm will play on the framebuffer I probably will for things I don't want to keep.
@mdosch thanks for the note about Subs. I live on the CLI and thus watch such things with youtube-dl. I add the right options and grabbed the subs.
@mdosch Thanks for posting the video it demonstrates it rather well.. just wish there was an english version for my less polyglot friends
@mdosch I agree on EFFail they are being way too heavy handed especially since the instant messengers they suggest as alternatives alos have issues:
@mdosch [Wanted to do so much on todays public holiday...] same here, totally lazy
@mdosch Half the fun would be watching the madness that ensued as people went into FB and Snapchat withdrawl.
@mdosch (re: OSH) I've also stopped using aliases a long time ago, for exactly the same reason. :)
@mdosch (re: OSH) I use ksh for my daily interactive shell and POSIX shell for scripting, but I enjoy checking out new shells and OSH looks like it's worth keeping an eye on.
@mdosch (re: precision) LOL! :D
@mdosch Yes, they don't disclose a lot about the inner workings of the blloc phone. And their website sucks (fonts too small and too little contrast).
@mdosch (re: blloc) Less colourful, and supposedly less addictive. Link was just a bookmark, not an endorsement.
@mdosch Ment Mastodon.. Was dashing out the door so Typed the wrong thing. Re: limit, mine is set to 1024.
@mdosch they increased it to 280 characters last year.
@mdosch 280 like in twitter.
@mdosch the people are from a Matrix -> twtxt bridge I do not thingk the bridge works both ways so mostly just annoying
@mdosch re: Noise.. No Worries I went through the same phse when I built an XMPP-> Twtxt bridge :)
@mdosch Honestly don't know why it would crash twtxt. Also I don't know why others see the people I mention, is there an auto-follow for twtxt mentions in a client?
@mdosch That's my Mastodon bridge. If it is the plain URL that's me but if it has a user-domain combo that's someone else.
@mdosch, @freemor (re: Mobile P2P) I've had Rumble running on my mobile 24×7 for a while now, and it doesn't use much battery (but it also doesn't have anyone to sync...
@mdosch, @freemor (re: Matrix/TOX/P2P): Have you guys tried [Rumble]( Unfortunately, it seems it requires a cer...
@mdosch, @freemor (re: Matrix/TOX/P2P) Yes, P2P could be too hard on the battery. I look forward to see how much battery MMMMM (a [Secure Scuttlebutt](https://www.scu...
@mdosch I'll take a look at me twtxt files to see if anything is hinky.. but the are working here... hmmm
@mdosch Thank you very cool
@mdosch Congrats on getting the XMPP bot working. I did something similar when I first got on #twtxt (using an event script in mcabber)
@mdosch I use a shell script on a FreeBSD Raspberry Pi that runs twtxt via ssh on a Raspberry Pi running raspbian to post I read the timeline on gopher via tx
@mdosch which client do you use? auto or manual updating? my use case after I left the big social networks is a couple checkings a day...
@mdosch (re: Bornholm) No, it was directed to your “do anyone read me?” I will add you to “we are” a.s.a.p.
@mdosch, reading you on #Bornholm. Can I add you to @we_are_twtxt?
@mdosch yes, I'm still connected. A little inactive in the last time however.
@mdosch so far I've updated my android and it looks good. The windows FF still has some #a11y performance issues, I'll wait for atleast V58.
@mdosch not to mention unported addons. NoScript is still not available as webextension, which is an essential addon for me.
@mdosch as I've read some functions still are under development. Also accessibility is not yet at the same level of previous versions.
@mdosch not to mention unported addons. NoScript is still not available as webextension, which is an essential addon for me.
@mdosch as I've read some functions still are under development. Also accessibility is not yet at the same level of previous versions.
@mdosch Viel Spaß dabei!