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@nblade Haha nice ! How does that worked for you ? Also welcome back ^^
@nblade: Stuff is heavy on the mind. What is a lightweight lifestyle worth? Trash everything under this value. You can always rebuy it.
@nblade The newest txtnish can show the users other users are following: txtnish following mdom (if mdom is my nick on your system)
@nblade If everybody is happy with the format, sure! Writing a new spec is on my todo list for a long time. Maybe that's a good reason to do it.
@nblade (re: static websites) The guy who wrote it must be very young. ⌘
@nblade: Check my tw.txt file. The specification does not allow a comment. I've added this now: 1970-01-01T01:00:00.000000Z▸FF: I'd use the special date/time + FF: comment as ...
@nblade: Either that, or provide URL to a follower file: #followfile
@nblade: It's just an idea. Not a clean one thoug, as clients would not know upfront who serves such a fiele and who not. Another idea would ne to mix a number of random followers into the twtxt file, which are u...
@nblade Most programmers are just users that are writing/maintaining programs. Most can't even handle the underlying OS, let alone a Network or a Server.
@nblade I thought Everyone groked what a kludge was. :)
@nblade Don't knbow but both accounts were SDF accounts. so..... ???
@nblade I'd love to do pair programming again, but sure, it depends heavily on your partner
@nblade Thanks, I'm hposing to have the git daemon thing sorted today.. then I just have to figure out how to wedge stagit into a system with an outdated git (probably will update git.)
@nblade console mastodon and twtxt have a lot of the same feel :D
@nblade it is sometimes fun to read a timeline. I am turned off by most web UIs, thus the txt client.
Back after a pause.. @nblade, don't know if you do ham radio, but check out BBS. Fairly active, dovenet.
@nblade cheers!
@nblade You SHOULD not use lowercase `z` in your timestamp, but #twet now handles them
@nblade. Oh... Those 'Standards'... In that case I totally see your point. (Sounds like a PHB problem)
@nblade Sometimes yes but often no. /me still remembers when yenc broke the usenet. Which could have been prevented by the simply going the RFC route before unleashing it.
@nblade I don't know much about electronics really, but I'm trying to learn :) Grante Searle has some fun projects
Greets to @nblade and @leveck Welcome to #twtxt.
@nblade I could probably put something together, but I went this route originally because existing generators felt like they took too much control from me over the exact output. I want _very_ small, static pages ...
@nblade will your php client have any way to pull from the we_are_twtxt list? Seems to be the best source for now, for user list
@nblade I take a look, it should work with every posix compliant awk, so at least oawk, nawk and gawk should run. What's the error message? Feel free to add an issue.
@nblade welcome!
@nblade (re: broken mentions) this is known to happen if you use something other than gawk. Install gawk as the default awk implementation and everything should work just fine (solved awk errors for me on Ubuntu ...
@nblade (re: replies) if you want to mention someone, just write his nick preceded by "@". ;)
@nblade Hi, welcome to the party!
@nblade What client are you using? Your mentions are somehow broken?
@nblade You've been added, no worries. And welcome to our little circle. :)
@nblade I'd like to see your php cli client when it's done.