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Yo @nonlinear, your TLS certificate expired on 17th March.
@nonlinear I always wonder why people still use #IRC nowadays. A chat system which can not be used mobile is weird today.
@nonlinear there is an #xmpp muc: but unfortunately not much used.
@nonlinear got your rough QHT from your Callsign. That'd be an amazing QSL if we could work it. We've got the whole contenent between us.
@nonlinear 11m is license free.. You can probably pick up a nice CB rig for not too much. Throw up a half wave dipole. And then grumble about the fact that it's the solar minimum. :D
@nonlinear No MUC that I know of but there is the #twtxt irc channel on Freenode.
@nonlinear I'll try to remember to announce when the skip is up and I'm TXing. I last studied for mt Ham license way back where there was only the one and CW was a requirement. I was too young so school, l...
@nonlinear if you have an 11 meter capable rig. I'm usually on 27.3850 LSB when the skip is good as "350 Newbrunswick Canada"
@nonlinear Not a Ham (yet), just gettng back into 11meter CB stuff (AM/SSB) right now. QRP DXing is loads of fun. On the Ham side CW would probably interest me most.
Greets @nonlinear! My, my, all these new people It's good to see more people coming in.
@deepend, @nonlinear: welcome to twtxt! :)