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@reednj still alive!
@reednj Yes! In fact check out :D
@reednj Looks your [last twt]( was > ~2years ago 😀
@reednj In fact this is a growing community! Check out []( 😎
@reednj Yes :D' href='/user/at/726eae45510ce2eac?n=reednj'>@reednj Thanks for making and hosting - the agreggation of twtxts users, tweets and tags is really cool
@reednj Yes, there is a core group of dedicated #twtxt'ers
@reednj - please turn gopher:// URLs into HTML links on, it would be much appreciated!
@reednj It was mentioned in a bboard, so I thought I'd check it out.
RT @Aeonn: @reednj reddit-stream is perfect. I can't imagine reddit without it. The new mobile app is really good icing on an already tasty…
RT @reddit_stream: Looks like a few people have noticed you can update threads now cc: @reednj
@reednj the point of Markdown is that you can not only render it as HTML, but you can also read it easily, no matter what you use. Using Markdown doesn't necessarily imply using software that supports rendering Markdown ...
@reednj (re: markdown in twtxt) I sometimes use markdown to easily associate a text with a link, or to _style_ certain *words*. The client I use, a roll-your-own, does not currently – but may at some point in the future – support markdown.
@reednj Yes, and the pi-top is now even that cheap. I could get a chromebook with better specs for less money and install e.g. GalliumOS on it.
@reednj people could but rarely fuck up the UI on gopher
@reednj people could but rarely fuck up the UI on gopher
@reednj @mdom @durcheinandr gopher doesn't have
Dear @reednj, please make the bots stop.
@reednj Think I will get rid of them, until I have time to implement proper 'following'' href='/user/at/726eae45510ce2eac?n=reednj'>@reednj I think we are all using an client to read our timeline, but i somtimes use to read on the go.
@reednj It would be cool if there would be a way to flag bots and just see tweets of normal users? The real(tm) content seems to get drowned in a sea of bots.
@reednj the certificate used for doesn't actually include a SAN for that domain, only common name
@reednj Yeah, to make twtxt ready for a mesh network. But i just played with the idea, it's no call for implementation... :)
@reednj Ah, yeah, good catch, @8ball checks the full mention format.
@reednj I think this would be the first time two clients implement the same #metadata format.
@reednj Thanks! And i'll check why 8ball won't answer you. Everytime anybody asks it a question, something goes wrong. *sigh*
@reednj Really cool! Could you, uhm, maybe remove my testaccount with one tweet? Or is that already possible to do as a logged in user?
Posting at ... very cool @reednj!
@reednj Basically there are just more clients... :) And thanks for, i think we all are still heavily depending on it!
@reednj Basically there are just more clients... :) And thanks for, i think we all are still heavily depending on it!
Hi, welcome back @reednj! I noticed there was some development on, posting tweets on it would be cool!
@reednj manually ;). I thought about it, but since the usernames can be different I droped that idea.
thanks, @reednj!
@reednj thanks for twtxt-dir, my url also got https stripped away. cheers
@reednj the text showed up in my local timeline but not online. so probably issue in my post hook. cheers
@mdom so it would automatically post "Im now following @reednj" or whatever?
@reednj I'm tempted to create twitter account just to test the gateway :)
@reednj the .txt files look good. Can you provide the mentions also by url? Ideally with /api/plain/mentions like described at
@reednj please upgrade your client, to have proper mentions in your tweets ;)
@kas Oh, I see! @reednj any chance to change my URL to https://…?
Hey @reednj and @xena! do you want to work on an effort to streamline #twtxt registry apis? My proposal:
@xena @reednj Made this ugly hack to have a txtfile of users in your dir's, for greping in;
thank you @reednj & @xena for sorting out my twtxt submission in their twtxt user directory :]
@reednj Yeah I was gonna work on that today
@xena It'd be good if your site (and @reednj) had a way for users to manage their info?
@reednj please add automatic linkification of URLs.
@reednj The offical client won't break, it silently ignores every line it can’t parse. So introducing a header shouldn’t be a problem.
@reednj Maybe you’re right, but it would be nice to have something I could feature/use in the client.