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@tfurrows perhpas they ran out of protoculture. I'm sure they'll find more.... unless the Invid or Robotech masters beat them to it.
@tfurrows Yes, I look forward to start using my grain mill and baking bread again (am in the process of moving). :)
@tfurrows pretty sweet!
@tfurrows That's cool, I know only a little electronics. Enough to know not to melt plastic and make the purple smoke appear.
@tfurrows -- the deleting felt good. I also backed up the ~230GB of my primary google drive which is now on a 256gb thumb drive on RPoD (sftp). Deleting the data from gdrive took 3 hrs, they do not want to let go.
@tfurrows It is neat. Although it did require to recode a little bit of my kitbashed client LOL
@tfurrows just saw your one reply. Yes the client does have a way to sync with the we_are_twtxt list. So far the biggest issue with the PHP CLI client is that it takes a long time to poll all the sites
@tfurrows It is certainly not polished but I have made a good start on that php CLI
@tfurrows It's not a hard limit, most alternative clients do not care about the amount of characters you're posting. As long as you don't write a novel and it still fits on a line... :)
@tfurrows please fix your timestamp so we can see your message :)
@tfurrows please fix your timestamp so we can see your message :)