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@von (re [Slingcode]( I don't get it 🤔 Can you explain it like I'm 5? 😀
@von (re: ed) once I read the manual and found out that the current line was the last line, all I needed to do was type «d\nw\nq\n». So glad I took the vim path instead of the emacs path.
@von (re: proposal) What a pity. Well, there's always the traditional way. Best of luck.
@von (re: Session) is it possible to have/use more than one session id at any given time?
@von What is session? For chatting I use #XMPP since ~2003 😃
@von sleeping works. how long do you need?
@von sounds like a very sweet plan. Hope it goes well.
@von :)
@von : ah dang... i'm wondering if bandcamp is going to get it.. the last time i checked she didn't have it on her page
@von : yeah! i've been listening to it a bunch the past few days
@von Well, I'm doing it locally then having a script watching the file to commit and push to netlify when it updates
@von I wanted to go to that dead drop in Paris once but it was flooded by the Seine :D nice article
@von oh well, here's another mention just to please you then :D
@von oops, I think I messed up my mentions and replied to you instead of @xandkar :D But you are still invited to make a page!
@von Go ahead! If you ever make an ideas page too I would love to see it :p
@von, @lucidiot And there's that uses twtxt to chat over the KeybaseFS (proof of concept, written before Keybase had an actual chat functio...
@von @kas (re: gpg) I have yet to learn more about GPG but I use Protonmail which already gives me keys and I know my desktop client handles it, so if you want to send me mails just to t...
@von The autocrypt thing includes an entire Curve25519 GPG key in the emails headers and have provisions for sign/encryption prefs. I wish more clients would support it.
@von Perhaps people would send you encrypted emails if you announced your key in email headers according to the autocrypt scheme? Not that I would hold my breath…
@von I guess you actually are pessmistic, but your brain goes into social mode and hides it away to look better in front others?
@von (re: music) mood.
@von: I stole the idea from a random webpage that listed a finger address for contact information. I would assume it's pretty effective against spam ;)
@von DD-WRT the router. Definitely worth the effort. I do it to every rouer I can.
@von Tu précommandes le groupe d'utilisateurs Rust brésilien ? (mauvais lien!)
@von The archival part is probably the best part of the bujo for me. My previous bujos are one thing I am 100% proud of just because they are full of everything I did.
@von (re: bujo) Glad I could help :)
@von You’ll probably want a separate BuJo if you have a bunch of work-only tasks. One of the nice things about OmniFocus is that it can be really good at hiding tasks you can’t make headway on at the moment for one r...
@von (re: bujo) A separate work bujo can help you properly segment work and private life, which is important to relax. But a bujo might just be too heavy; try maybe the dash-plus system, or just a notebook with an in...
@von (re: bujo) I wouldn't recommend managing anything work-related in a bujo if you need to share anything you're doing with others, since it's paper-based; collaboration is easier on task management apps
@von (re: bujo) Well it's up to you, I personally do not manage work stuff in a bujo since we have trello boards, etc., but I know that sharing a bujo for both personal stuff and work stuff has some risks: if there i...
@von @johanbove (re: bujo) yay! have fun and do not overwork yourself!
@von @johanbove (re: bulletjournal) I am in my 4th year and 4th notebook of bullet journaling, tried ~13 billion productivity/organization apps/tips/tools/whatever, and I wrote over...
@von @johanbove (re: bulletjournal) But yeah you really should try handwriting, because if you are a good typist then typing is faster than handwriting, so you have to slow down and...
@von @johanbove (re: bulletjournal) I feel like you might need a diary more than a bullet journal to process your thoughts. You can write long-form entries in a bullet journal, but ...
@von yeah, I stopped posting to it eventually.
@von Understanding you. For me: keeping a bullet-journal on a paper notebook helped me herd my chaotic mind into manageable streams. See
@von having topic-specific twtxt feeds is not a silly idea. Not sure if the clients allow easy switching tough.
@von re: hidden twtxt: I’ve done this. It was fun.
@von Ah, I thought it was a challenge (“I've hidden a twtxt file on my personal site, see if you can find it!”). :)
@von Why do you want to keep your twtxt.txt more private if I may ask so?
@von No just hoping to pry up the corners a bit and peek underneath.
@von If it is definitely let me know. Could be the quantum frame dragging stuff I'm doing is mussing with the S/T continuum.
@von crowdsourced click fraud? re:
@von (re: NES) LOL!! :D
@von (re #xmpp) I moved my family to xmpp. For friends you might consider quicksy that works like WhatsApp but you can reach them via normal xmpp. Maybe you will also find some interesting groupchats there: https://s...
@von Yes it has always been a struggle to get people other the FLOSS heads to use XMPP. Sad really since it had OTR E2E before other IMs ever even began thinking about E2E
@von (re poem) Good luck. I wrote poems twice for a girl. They were rather short, the girls name length in lines. And if you read the lines first character from bottom to top you got, ... I guess that's obvious. 😁
@von I am no dev and I have to use what the company uses.
@von I envy you for being able to use #Linux at work.
@von gl
@von no worries, I have days/weeks/years like that
@von ganbatte
@von Good luck! I hope you find a job you love!
Hey\~von/twtxt.txt - join the registry already :-p href='/user/at/b16e5fdddc969c5d9?n=von'>@von - join the registry already :-p
@freemor @von This is also my only tweeting thing. 😃 I am active in some boards and #xmpp mucs though.
@von I find posing here goes in cycles depending on whats going on in my life. Although for me this is my 1 social media thing.
@von, congrats, cats are so lovely. :)
@von, I believe you're unblocked now.
@von, no sweat – let's see if I can unblock you…
@von almost 1000 requests within the past hour. That's too much, IMHO – even when most of them are 304s.
@von, I'ma block your IP address until next reboot.
Jeez, @von, do you have to ask for updates every 2-3 seconds?
@von Thanks re: line. I took a look and I'm not seeing any wierdness at least not with vim.
@von What is the last post #twtxt sees.. must be that line or the next that causes the issue.
@von Hmmm.. that must be a bug in #twtxt. Question is what in my feed is driving it batty.
@von and looking in older logs I'm seeing successful pulls going all the way back to the 17th
@von I'm seeing a slew of succeccful twtxt pulls from you today... Is the problem fixed?
@von very strange. what error are you getting when you try to fetch
@von (re: freemor) are you using a cron job? and if so: is that cron job being run? (yesterday cronie 1.5.3 on ArchLinux didn't run any user jobs; solved with 1.5.4)
@von if you backup regularly your home dir, look in `~/.cache/twtxt/twtfiles/`. I exclude ~/.cache from mines so I
@von (Re: top 10 games...) I've never heard of this book before, I bought it after you posted the link and read 2 blog posts from the author
@von (Re: top 10 games...) wow, ordered as well.
@von Tellement o/
@von et y a tout qui migre proprepent, c'est cool o/
@von je ne connaissais pas très intéressant
@von (re: Eternal Jukebox) Haha, sweet! I just tried it with Sia's Chandelier. Hilarious!! :)
@von That sucks! sorry to hear that happened. You'll just have to wire a 200,000V voltage ladder to the case of the next one. (not really but it would be fun if it weren't illegal)
@von je parle du message "S'abonner à von zone | blog de l'internet" qui recouvre la page et qu'on ne peux masquer (la croix ne fonctionne pas)
@von as tu déjà essayé de naviguer sur ton site sans javascript ? on ne peux même pas passer le dick-screen
@von your posting to the future worked for me.
@metamurks @von (re: jrnl) it's not perfect but does the job for me.
@von (re: nexxo) Thanks, that makes sense. Now they should make it decentralised. :)
@von (re: nexxo) I'm not sure. I don't know why I would/should want to join. Is it centralised or decentralised? What problem does it solve in comparison to other social networks?
@von re:nexxo All I get in my text based browser is a bunch promotional buzz word speak. Tells me nothing I need to know (how it works? privacy policy? E2E?). The poor design of the site and the lack of clear meaning...
@von I feel ya re: "Need to finish that...", I have a "Why CLI" blog entry thats been hanging in the wings for far too long.
@von See e.g. | My advice: (1) don't go longer than 30 minutes, (2) don't use music, (3) don't panic if you feel you cannot fall aslepp within 20 minutes: even resting with your eyes...
@von powernapping certainly works: try 20 minutes in the afternoon. it will prevent you from feeling sleepy all evening, but won't prevent you from sleeping when it's bedtime.
@von I grepped cron, unit files, scripts, still no idea where it is, so I gave up and moved the twtxt file somewhere else
@von some script somewhere on my server overwrites my twtxt file regularly with "404 not found" ):
@von RE: crawl SS. Keep at it. It is a challenging but rather rewarding game.
@von My point was more that if they were to freak out about sniffing the they are doing their OpSec wrong. Sniffing is trivial (very low bar). Passive sniffing is invisible (no way to detect). A networks sensitive d...
@von 'Not connected to anything' is one of the sweetest ways to packet sniff. At least if you have a proper WiFi chipset that still supports monitor mode.
@von Just edit the UI and SSID to 'Kitten Box'. No-one ever worries about a kitten box.
@von I hope it doesn't cause you any grief. Because, seriously, any Linux maching running tcpdump is a packet sniffer. Passive packet sniffing is really trivial.
@von congrats on the new domain.
@von bah... Faut regarder :p
I'm here @von o/
@von first party yea! Second part hopefully Yea! as well.
@von re: intercepted API request... Hacking is always fun. :)
@von Glad you found it. For those of us that like Encrypted mail it removes the complaint of others that setting up encryption at their end is too hard.
@von Naaaw, it's nice to see a bit more action here on #twtxt
@von Ah... mastodon bot. I was thinking something more generic bot wise :)
@von Nice article on twtxt. :) What was your bot up to that warrented a complaint? Are you aware of txtnish and other twtxt clients?
@von cynlvat5jvgu8pbqrf3vf1nyjnlf8sha.
@von Fun execrise, thanks
@von, my French is pretty rusty but I think you did a good job in presenting twtxt. 👍