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@webi, please see – the certificate expired more than a week ago. Also sent as PM on Scuttlebutt.
@webi I hadn't seen Perspectives before but it looks great; thanks for the tip. I always wondered what a WoT scheme for SSL would look like.
Oh, I think I meant @webi in my last post…
@webi (re: buku / politeness) Yeah, I opened a ticket but it was closed immediately without discussion because the author didn't see what I saw.
@webi Unbelievable!
@webi Thanks for the youtube link! Don't miss the rap at 2:20...
@webi I'm glad you are enjoying it.
@webi Thanks for the heads up. Couldn't say as I am not on diaspora.
@webi Thanks! So, by complete coincidence... :)
@webi Thanks, now following you on ZeroMe. :)
@webi What's your username on ZeroNet?
@webi If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out about twtxt?
greetings to @webi Welcome to #twtxt
@webi You've been added to We Are Twtxt. The @we_are_twtxt bot should pick it up within the next couple of hours and announce it.
RT @webi […] Perspectives Project ( […]
Welcome to #twtxt, @webi! Can I add you to [We Are Twtxt](
Say hello to @webi!